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Hello everyone! Just wanted to start this thread for anyone planning on attending UTA's nursing program in the Spring of 2013..... I am working on the last of my pre-reqs right now at TCC, but I plan on attending UTA this fall... Read More

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    txhopeful12 - I saw on the spreadsheet that you know someone else from Parkland that applied for the AP BSN program. Can I ask what department you all work in? Has your friend also applied before?

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    She works in float pool, I'll be working on 2E trauma, but after orientation they didn't have room for me on the schedule until the 15th of this month....
    When you got hired with parkland, was it an excruciatingly slow process? I've had the job since the 28th of September, but i applied for 3-4 months before I found out that I had an ally on one of the floors, and she let me use her as a reference. Even after she mentioned me to the manager and got the ball rolling, it still took almost a month to get my confirmation that I'd gotten the job and new hire paperwork. And even after all that I still dont get my first shift until Monday...Thank god I didn't leave my old job, or I might have been SOL for my bills Throughout the whole process I had to call and 'check in' every week to remind them I existed :/ I'm really hoping partnership is the nudge that gets me in, because otherwise I had plenty of stress and grey hairs over the deadline for nothing
    And no, this is her first time applying.
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    What floor are you on?
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    I am going on my 3rd year at Parkland and yes, it was very slow. It took about 2-3 months from the time of the interview until I was hired. I work in the HIM Department in an off-campus building. I interview people when we have applicants for our team and it always takes forever to get them started! I think that's just how it is here, but the hiring process is supposed to be improving....
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    Hey everyone! Just catching up. I too am so nervous about the notifications going out. I am partnered and work for Parkland on 6 West. I LOVE working there and love the people I work with so much! I
    applied for both the online and campus programs. I was waitlisted for the campus program in the Fall and offered the online program but for a distant location hospital, which I had to reject due to my family. Hopefully we will know something soon! Stats: 4.0 Science and now a 3.75 overall according to UTA MyMav. I had a 3.89 overall but it dropped when I got a B in patho this past summer. Oh well, hope everything works out for the best!!
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    @rubyredd83 - When you applied in the Fall, you weren't partnered, correct? You have great stats, so I couldn't imagine you being waitlisted or denied for the AP program if you were partnered at the time - I'm sure you are in this time Where in MyMav did you find your GPA totals? I figured mine myself, and I know it should be on MyMav, but one of the reports I looked at did not seem to include some of my transfer classes....just wondering where you looked to find yours?
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    @mphillips, I believe we're supposed to calculate it ourselves. Did you turn in the transcripts to the other schools you got credit from?
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    Quote from txhopeful12
    @mphillips, I believe we're supposed to calculate it ourselves. Did you turn in the transcripts to the other schools you got credit from?
    @txhopeful12 - Yes, I've been going through this process for over a year and have a previous degree, UTA has all of my transcripts from that, as well as the pre-req classes I had to take at DCCCD. Of course you can calculate it yourself, but UTA should be able to provide that information to us since that is how they are ranking us. There is probably something on MyMav and since @rubyredd mentioned that, I thought she might know....otherwise, your advisor should be able to provide that information. I would want to get it from them so I know how it was calculated and the GPA that they have for me.....so far, I have done it myself, but want to make sure it's right
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    I don't understand why they wouldn't WANT to give us a specific date that emails are going out! It seems like that would lighten their load and eliminate the hundreds of emails asking the same question every day! It just doesn't make any sense. Of course my THR rep won't respond to my emails now that she's been to "the meeting". Grrrrrrrr.....
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    Oh and the email address that the letters come from is bsn@uta.edu The subject line will likely read "College of Nursing Admission Decision". I think I remember someone asking earlier in the posts.Also, if you're waitlisted, make sure to print off the attached form and fax it to them ASAP. I was so livid when I got waitlisted last time that I didn't finish reading the email lol!

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