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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the... Read More

  1. by   tejas03
    Where did you get a job at? What type job?
  2. by   kswilliams1107
    Is there anyone who applied for Spring '12 partnered with Good Shepherd Medical Center-Longview or from East Texas with hopes of being partnered with GSMC?
  3. by   Mochachild
    Has anyone received confirmation that their traditional program application was received yet? My advisor contacted me this morning to inform that they were still counting apps! I am prayful that this will not be a repeat performance of the Fall app period. Saddle up, folks! This may be a bumpy ride!
  4. by   Zweiells
    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    How long did it take for you to hear back from your advisor about your missing courses after you sent in your first application (the one to UTA, not the nursing program)? I've been waiting awhile and I'm not sure if I should bother my advisor again about my status. I was hoping to be able to apply for Spring 2012 with the rest of you if I only needed to take a couple of pre-requisites, but obviously the deadline is past.
  5. by   adrialeigh
    I feel like I waited a long time after I applied before my advisor wrote me. I think it was around 2 months or so!
  6. by   Mochachild

    Once I received admission to UTA, it was less than a week before I was contacted by my advisor to indicate which course(s) was/were lacking. The longest process was actually gaining admission to the university. It took forever in my situation.
  7. by   dyella

    I emailed EDRIA FLEMING and she emailed me back that she did receive my application and that I should have received a confirmation email..
  8. by   dyella
    @ Mocha Child

    did you apply anywhere else???
  9. by   Mochachild

    SWEET! I'll email her. I am applying to several schools-both ADN and BSN. You have time? This list is wicked! hee hee
  10. by   dyella
    @ mocha child,
    I think I am going to apply to TCC's ADN program, but praying I get called in before then from UTA's waitlist! You know, I have been rejected from UTA's traditional, but I still have hopes on attending UTA nursing school as weird as that sounds;for example, when you are a child and someone tells you NO and the more you want to do it! I kinda feel that way with UTA....
  11. by   tejas03
    @Zweiells...I had an email within 2 wks from my advisor stating my degree plan with transferred courses listed. I would email yours again if it's been awhile.
    @dyella...I saw txsuzy was called today so we will be praying you get a call too!!
    @Mochachild...I'm getting a feeling from the email with my advisor last week that AGAIN they have received record number of applications. She didn't stated exactly how many but she kinda implied that they had just as many this time too...I think due to course load being online/cost of overall program and length of program/UTA's name, this program will continue to gain popularity and that means TONS of applicants!! ugh...but I still have faith!! Hang in there!
    I didn't apply to anywhere else this round but have decided that if I don't get in for Spring '12 then for Fall '12 I will have to start making applications anywhere and everywhere.
  12. by   Mochachild
    Go get a snack; this may take a minute! Here's the run down- UTA (2nd attempt), UTMB, UTHSC, Sam Houston, HBU, UST, Lamar State College (LVN-ADN), TAMU-CC, Lee College, San Jac and TWU. I've got to get in somewhere!

    Ugg! I felt the same way when I spoke to my advisor, but I didn't want to go there. I'm praying that this will not be a repeat performance of the Fall app period. We are going to get there, girl! Be encouraged!
  13. by   tejas03
    @Mochachild....WOW!!! That is some list...you go girl! I think I better get started looking at some places now...lol Did you have to make application to each of those universities to apply? I am going to look into TWU (I should have all the pre-reqs) but would need to take their exam. I'm concerned about TWU cause they do give additional points for so many credit hours at TWU and a lot of people on the boards talk about already having 4.0 GPAs. With my GPA not sure I would be in the running at all.
    I also heard but have not verified this...that for the Spring '12 applicant pool UTA is giving "additional consideration" to anyone who has completed 12 of the 16 science hours at UTA. If that is the case I'm a little bummed because I haven't taken all my sciences at UTA so...
    I am trying not to put too much thought into that though because supposedly if you had a 2nd degree they gave you "additional consideration" and most everyone I've talked to said that that didn't matter a lot so hoping this is kinda the same. Have you all heard that too??