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UTA Online BSN Program Odds of Acceptance - page 2

I am planning to apply for the 15-month accelerated online BSN program at UTA in January for Fall 2014 admission. I don't work for a partner hospital, and I know those applicants get priority. ... Read More

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    The accelerated course is only offered online. UT Tyler is the only program near by that has an accelerated on campus program from what I have found. Their prerequisites are comparable to UTA's as well.
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    Hello prospective and current nursing students! I am interested in this program... I read this program does not accept transfer nursing students. I am currently in an LVN program but hold a bachelors in science. I want to get my BSN. Does anybody know if this applies to me? Does this just mean if I get in none of my credits transfer over or does this mean I can't get in period?

    Thanks in advance!