UTA-FNP Spring 2018 - page 4

Hello all! Do I have any fellow nursing friends who have applied for the MSN, FNP program at UTA - Spring 2018. I turned my application in the first part of September. I am very nervous! I am... Read More

  1. by   NurseyMcNurserson
    I'm in Theory too. :/
  2. by   ateal90
    I start 2/26!!! A ball of nerves!
  3. by   Kimi,RN
    How and where did you make this "space"? I am on blackboard now and do not see it. Would it be under the specific class/group that you are in?
  4. by   tay777
    Hi All
    I am deciding between FNP programs and I did my bachelors from UTA and wanted to continue. However it seems like a much longer FNP program than other online programs. How did you all decide to go with UTA? Thank you!

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