UTA-FNP Spring 2018 - page 3

Hello all! Do I have any fellow nursing friends who have applied for the MSN, FNP program at UTA - Spring 2018. I turned my application in the first part of September. I am very nervous! I am... Read More

  1. by   brandyvandergrifft
    I really hope that's the case but I'm so scared. I finish capstone next week and have applied for the January 15th start date. I pray they don't send me acceptance the week before.
  2. by   MightAzWell
    Hello everyone! Anyone on the Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program? Plannning to start by January 15.
  3. by   dorrieg
    Me! Looking forward to starting this next part of my journey!
  4. by   JRNY13
    Did anyone create a group on FB? I have applied but not sure if I will get accepted for January or February. I was accepted for Fall 2017 but changed my program...and now I've changed my mind back to FNP.

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