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I was considering going through this university for my RN- BSN.... The school claims the program is only 13 months and 6,450 if all you need are your core nursing classes... If you need pre recs it's can still take you as little... Read More

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    Quote from muslimrn2B
    Actually, you don't have to be an rn. They have a traditional BSN program online, too. You just have to finish all you prerequisites like any other nursing program. But, I'm sorry I didn't see that zoeyzoe was getting her RN-BSN. I guess thats another program and different application. Still, if there is anyone who went for traditional BSN, I would love to here from you.
    Do you know if one has to be residing in Texas to do the online BSN for non nurses ?

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    Does anyone have a URL for this program? I am still leaning towards EC but am open to other options.
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    Quote from stevefl
    Does anyone have a URL for this program? I am still leaning towards EC but am open to other options.
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    Thanks for the info
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    I believe you have to be in Texas. It's called an "academic partnership program". They have a partnership with hospitals around texas ( not just houston) that let you just do clinicals at thier hospital. The rest is online.
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    thanks for the information about this program - i'm thinking to go in this direction having a BA degree in another field and my AA in nursing so would like to do the BSN thing as fast and inexpensive as possible for obvious reasons....degrees aren't cheap; etc...

    i hope they keep the info coming as i continue researching for the reasons cited above
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    you don't have to be in Texas to enter the program. I'm on the east coast and I'm in the AP program
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    The general education courses are now $450.00 each, not $349.00 and if you are doing RN-BSN it's all online.

    All courses are NOT 5 weeks in length for general education they changed a lot to 8 or 15 week courses. Be sure to check with the school for most current information.
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    I have applied to this program last year and was accepted to the school, however, for whatever reason that NOBODY there can explain my transcripts were never evaluated nor was I issued a course map. In the meantime I finally received a transcript evaluation but nothing further. The AP partnership advisor is almost impossible to reach; either the phone cuts off in the middle of recording a message or like today, I was on hold for over 1 hour and still have not reached anybody.
    The department of nursing advisor did reply to one e-mail 2 weeks ago and since then nothing further. Messages left at the department secretary have not been returned; today all I get is a recording that states " please visit the website and thank you for calling the department of nursing. "
    And then they are astonished that one is frustrated! If this is the way UTA handles things in general I can only say that their service stinks! Incompetence or a "don't -give-a darn" attitude? Your guess is a good as mine!
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    I am currently enrolled in this program and would be starting in 2 weeks. I have 6 general courses to take and then the RN-BSN courses. I was wondering if anyone has already started and how the classes are going. How easy/difficult are the classes? Im starting with Pol. science.

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