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Hello everyone, I just started my RN-BSN course at UTA online. The reason I chose this route is because UTA allows you to get into the program while you are still taking pre-requisites. However, I am finding the technical... Read More

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    I need to take statistics, what's the initial of the professor you had. You can PM me if you wish.
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    Hi,I will take stat online at el centro during the fall. I decided to not take at Uta because of the price and also after talking to some friends whom stated how hard stats at Uta was.
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    I am looking to apply at UTA to start in November. Can any of you currently in the program or former graduates tell me more about the program? Are tests/quizzes online or would I have to have them proctored? Is there a clinical component? Are there group projects assigned in the nursing courses? Any information you are willing to offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    I am in the RN-BSN program through UTA any feedback with nursing research?
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    I'm researching and considering UT-A for my RN-BSN, along with many other schools. Any information is much appreciated. I am currently leaning more toward UT-A. Thank you!