Possible to work while in UTA AP BSN program?

  1. I'm in the process of applying to UTA's online AP BSN program. I need quite a few pre reqs first though. I am wanting to know if there is anyone out there that is currently in the program and working full time as well? I am reading different pages with people saying that it is impossible to work full time and do this program at the same time. I also have two young children. I was so excited to find out about this program, but am now kind of worried that it will not be possible for me to work. Working is not really an option for me, I am the only paycheck and I have to work full time. I do work 12 hour night shifts, just three days a week. Does this sound feasable?
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  3. by   Eric Cartman
    I am currently enrolled in UTA's RN-BSN program and think that it is certainly geared towards working nurses. My coworker started her classes a few months ago and is doing quite fine. She does not have any children, but works 8-5pm, Monday through Friday and seems to not be having any difficulty. I start my classes in July, because right now I am finishing up a semester online at another college.
  4. by   a.Cute.Exacerbation
    I was wondering the same thing, Determined. My hospital has a partnership with UTA to complete the BSN in 15 months (once prereqs are completed). I did read that they recommend students work no more than 20 hrs/ wk though.
  5. by   kcdunlap
    I'm working 32 to 40 hrs a week and have been taking 2 nursing classes for the last 2 5 week sessions and it has been a breeze as far as I"m concerned. Definitely geared to working nurses.
  6. by   Determined621
    Thanks guys! That definately makes me feel a lot better that there are people out there that are working while in the program. Hopefully I can juggle all this as well!
  7. by   MarkG
    This is something I am thinking about as well. Starting the AP BSN in the fall and will have to remain working full time(income, insurance, etc.). I have been saving up my PTO time to take days off here and there, thank god for a team lead and manager that is understanding.

    Anyone that has been through the program have a breakdown on each part of the program(J1, J2, S1, and S2). I know they are basically regular semesters shortened by about a week each with no real breaks between each part.

    The good thing is I don't have many things competing for attention in my life and a lot of this information is not new for me(10+ years paramedic and clinical experience).
  8. by   DallasNurse2B
    I am currently in the AP BSN program, about to start my 3rd semester (Senior 1) in a few weeks. One important distinction needs to be made here: the RN to BSN is NOT like the AP BSN program. The AP BSN program includes clinicals, which take up 2 12 hour days of your week (normally Saturday/Sunday but has included Monday and Tuesdays as well). I have classmates who work full time but they are rare and I think most of would agree, slightly crazy lol. One of the first things they asked us on day 1 was how many hours we were working and anyone who said more than 15 got the head shake and look of "really?"

    I think working full time is feasible but you will sacrifice most of your sleep and free time. This program is really demanding on your time and they quite frankly don't care if you work or not, to them school is #1 with no excuses. Just wanted to make sure you weren't thinking the advice of the RN to BSN program participants applied to you, as their program is quite different.

    That said, I have to say that I 100% love the AP BSN program and have learned so much it's crazy and I'm already halfway done. It's awesome. Good luck!