NURS 3645 Professional Nursing A & B - page 6

Hello to all who be starting the RN-BSN program at UTA on August 13! Started this thread so we can help each other out as questions arise during the course. I will be working full-time and... Read More

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    Thanks I will!

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    Quote from rosemrn
    Thanks I will!
    I was able to log on just fine, but it took longer than usual. don't know what that means exactly. guess there's nothing to do now but go to bed and see what happens tomorrow.

    sweet dreams
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    Thanks for trying to help. I will let you know tomorrow! Sleep tight!
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    Paper completed and submitted!!! Had to call an IT number at University of Texas. They said they had updated some things with the EPIC website and it had effected some folks logging in and not others. Anyway, got that straightened out and everything seems OK! Thanks again for the support! Oh, got my previous assignment grade. Did well!! We can do this. One week at a time!!!

    Have a good day.

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    Hi Rosemrn,

    that is good news! I think I would have lost my mind if I was unable to log onto Epic. Also, great that you did well on your first assignment. I did, too.
    I hope we can do this! There are times when I want to find a tall building and jump off, but I won't do it until I check in here first.

    More later.
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    We can do it! I just don't like spending my free time on school work. I know I will regret it if I keep putting this off.

    Hang in there also!!
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    So the next assignment is the beginning of a multi-week assignment. I've had classes where I had to pick a topic at the beginning of the class then work on an assignment on that topic for weeks. I chose a horrible topic and ended up hating the topic by the time I was done. I hope I make a better choice this time!
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    I feel the same way! Hope I pick a subject with enough info to work with over the next few weeks!
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    Quote from rosemrn
    I feel the same way! Hope I pick a subject with enough info to work with over the next few weeks!
    Know what you mean. Look ahead at the up-coming assignments and see what they want you to do with the topic before you decide. I also looked for articles first to see if there was a lot of info on my topic before I settled on a research question. So, you are kind of working backwards. You don't want to commit to something and then down the road find out there isn't much in the way of articles.

    BTW, rosemrn, has your coach been helpful at all? I see lots of questions posted to mine and I'm not sure if the answers are helping the students. I don't think you and I are in the same section, so I'm wondering if you can rely on your coach for stuff.
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    Sometimes our coach answers questions right away and then lot of times there are no answers. I left a few emails last week and received no reply. Felt like I was bugging her, but never got a reply. There is a lot of "good luck".

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