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Info on UTA online RN-BSN? - page 5

I just applied to UTA's online RN-BSN program that starts at the end of Feb. Curious to hear any feedback on the program. I sent in all my transcripts and am waiting to hear what they take and what I... Read More

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    Quote from ~KelRN~
    What kind of assignments do you have for technical writing?
    We had to write paper, do a quiz, and do disscission question
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    Thanks 2BlessedRN. I start that class next month and just kinda wanted an idea of what to expect.

    Have you started Nursing prof A also?
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    I just finished Nursing prof A and I found it a cake walk. I just finished my ASN so I don't know if that helped but it was very very easy. I'd be interested to hear what 2BlessedRN has to say.
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    Quote from 2BlessedRN
    So far everything is okay. Can't wait till this Technical writing class is over.
    haha, I know what you mean. Technical writing is not fun at all. All I did was write in APA format during my ADN program, so this class feels like a total waste of my time.
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    Handy tip I just figured out: if you click on Grades, you will see every component in the course (organized by modules/weeks/etc.), how many minutes you spent on each and if you've completed it. Checking here is a good way to help make sure you've viewed/completed everything in the module every week.
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    My friend and I start Feb 27th. Looks like it will take about 16 months unless I can find a way to juggle the courses so that I'm always taking two at a time. I'm ready to start. Hoping to do well. Only thing I have to do now is pay for the courses.
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    I'm taking 2 classes now as well the prof nursing A is going ok so far but now with this math class ouch lucky for me I like writing hope everything is going well for the other jan 16'ers I am still on the fence about things so I can't give opinions yet...key word is YET lol
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    I start Feb. 27th with technical writing as well and I have to admit, I'm totally nervous! Any tips? Is there only one professor that teaches this class? All I could find was one.
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    Hello all! I start the program end of March. I am so excited. Anyone else starting then?
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    I don't feel comfortable with the technical writing course. Anyone taken it previously? What exactly is expected and do you have any old papers I could look at to get an idea of what the instructor is looking for?
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    Quote from trinitymaster
    I don't feel comfortable with the technical writing course. Anyone taken it previously? What exactly is expected and do you have any old papers I could look at to get an idea of what the instructor is looking for?
    I just finished Technical Writing a few weeks ago. It was a bit intense (especially week 3), if you have an opportunity to work ahead on that week, I would highly recommend it. I received an A in the class. The important thing is to show that you utilized your resources and back up your opinions with citations. I'm not sure how much help sample papers would be. UTA is very strict about plagiarism... every paper is run through a safe assignment program that detects it. Make sure to cite your sources even if you paraphrase the info.

    I'm not sure what else to say without knowing other specifics. I found the class full of busy work but not incredibly hard. Good luck! You can do it, just breathe.
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    I finally received my "transfer report" just now. I initially wanted to start in Feb but one of my transcripts didn't make it in time. I am now supposed to get in contact with an advisor to see what goes towards the BSN. I am hoping they take quite a bit. They didn't even direct me to a specific person, just "academic advisor". I am hoping to start next month. It seems as if there are a lot of us in the program. Good luck to all : )
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    I am jumping on this boat as I am a "lady in waiting" with all of my info in the hands of the UTA admission Gods. I hope to start in April! Howdy all!