Current/graduates from UTA online RN program

  1. Hi, I would to get more information from current or past graduates of the online RN program offered at University of Texas at Arlington. Any good/bad experiences from this program? Thank you!
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    Mostly good. The program is very doable while working full time. It took me 2.5 years but I could have done it in 1.5 if I hadn't traveled. Honestly, most difficult classes were non-nursing: statistics and history II. Take those elsewhere if you haven't already. If you ask specific questions I can give you more specific answers.

    I graduate from this program in a week so my answers are pretty fresh.
  4. by   Mscris
    Hi, I appreciate your response. We're you a student at UTA prior to applying to the program? I'm in San Antonio and consider applying, I've taken most of the pre-reqs however, there are 3 nursing courses you have to take at UTA. Did you take those courses prior to applying or waited till you were accepted?
  5. by   flicker_rn
    I'm currently in the program, about halfway through. So far, I've found it very doable. It's a lot of busy work, but I have doubled up on classes and worked full time and I have a 3.8 GPA. It's just managing your time well and staying on top of due dates. I would recommend it to anyone.
  6. by   Heylove
    I was able to do it in one year...but UTA accepted one class from another BSN program that I had taken.

    My only advice is do NOT take any of the history classes or Texas politics classes through UTA. They are absolutely terrible. Take at a community college or CLEP out if you can.
  7. by   Emmasmom03
    Honestly it was a very boring program that focused on a lot of busywork, but I finished it and got my degree and kept a good GPA.