Anyone taking online History 1311 now?

  1. My Blackboard course opened today. I was wondering if anyone else here was taking it with me.

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  3. by   twindad85
    Quote from PacuTwo
    My Blackboard course opened today. I was wondering if anyone else here was taking it with me.

    Yep, I just started too, I am a little lost, seems like so much information. I am trying to weed through what is important. Kinda nervous with this one since I picked up Art Appreciation too. you can email me

  4. by   jadiva
    I wish you all luck. I did this class last year and it is a lot of work. Don't sleep on it. I think there is about 4 papers and a group project. I got through it though and you certainly can too.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    I finished it and 1312 last year. Keep in mind it's a full term history class crammed into 8 weeks, not a special abbreviated history class just for RNs. So there's a lot of material that you will have to cover...and I'll give you a heads-up now: complaining about the amount of work in the class is futile. Spend your time focusing on getting the work done.

    The first two weeks and test are rough while you learn what they expect from you. Don't hesitate to post in the help forums if you have questions: the ACs are good about getting back to you. Stay on top of the class because there's a LOT of reading, and the format of the class won't let you work ahead. In addition, they are VERY strict on deadlines: assignments are often closed within minutes of the deadline passing.

    It can be done, so hang in there!
  6. by   CoCStudentNurse
    I am! This original presentation is so confusing. I am so afraid I'm not going to finish on time 'cause I'm stuck. Ugh ...
  7. by   PacuTwo
    I am hating this class! I do not understand the power point document assignment and I am finding the coaches less than helpful. They just keep repeating the mechanics of what is expected vs. what the heck is it they want us to put on those dang power points. I am thinking this will just be a hit my grade has to take. The amount of work is overwhelming, yes but the not being able to work ahead...well that just irks me.
  8. by   stacyg26
    Hi, I was wondering what history you were taking because I am also taking history 1311 and I do not think there is a powerpoint presentation in my class, unless, I am missing something?
  9. by   WhoDatWhoDare
    It's possible the assignments have been modified or eliminated in the last 12 months.