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4/8 health promotion 3335 - page 3

Anyone out there going to be starting Health Promotion on 4/8? Or anyone already completed Health Promotion and willing to share tips?... Read More

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    Quote from ScarletFire

    Hi chicagoRNlove,

    good to hear from you again. haven't heard from you since Health Assessment. What have you been up to?
    Hey ScarletFire!! Sorry for the late reply. Just been taking classes steadily, you know how it goes. How are you doing?
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    same as you. suffered thru Vulnerable right after Assessment and now doing Hist II and this one. Hist is a pain but you know, it is what it is. we're all in the same boat here. just trying to stay afloat one day at a time.

    stay well,
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    Great class. Low stress. Cheap book. Another one down! On to Research (shudder)!
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    You suffered thru vulnerable? Oh great, I take that next!
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    Quote from Neonursej
    You suffered thru vulnerable? Oh great, I take that next!
    Just time consuming but pretty easy in my opinion

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