Where do most traveling nurses stay? And how do you fit all the things you'll need?

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    So one of my recruiters recently told me that of about 200 nurses traveling for his agency, only 2 use the agency housing, and this was mostly because they had bad credit he said. Since this will be my first assignment I was initially planning on using company housing and just bringing clothing/basics. Now, I'm not so sure.

    My question is do most travel nurses choose company or craigslist/padmapper housing? If using craigslist/padmapper, how do you bring all the things you'll need IE mattress? I must be missing something, because ideally I'd like to live alone in a place that has at least a mattress! Even rented rooms off Craigslist don't come with them, right? At this point all I can envision is an extended stay, and that doesnt entice me too much.

    Any help?

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    You need to talk to a few more agencies. That is always good advice, but I don't think this agency is the best fit for a first travel assignment (is it Supplemental?). You have enough things to worry about and finding short term housing is hard.
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    No it's not Supplemental. It is a smaller agency however so I'm not sure if perhaps I should go with a larger one for the first couple assignments until I get my feet underneath me in the travel field. I think theyre trying to get me the most money, and realize that taking the stipen usually nets more cash, however youre right by saying theres enough to worry about with the first assignment or two in a new field (travel) without having to worry about short term housing on top.
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    I am on my third assignment now. Probably my next one I will worry about doing my own place to stay. I didn't want to be bothered with being in a new place that I knew nothing about trying to figure out where I wanted (and more importantly, where I didn't want to) stay. Go with a big agency that makes it simple, once you get your feet wet you can always look for more money.
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    I am going on my first assignment soon. I took company housing because I don't know the area and want to be close to the hospital. I will be staying in an Extended stay. It comes with free breakfast, wifi, once a week housekeeping, and TV. Did I say HOUSEKEEPING!!!
    I guess it's all that important to you. I also have a short contract. Long contract maybe I go with an apartment.
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    I'm thinking the exact same thing SpaceCoast.
    And Cheryl, I do like the idea of housekeeping! I'm trying to get a 13 week assignment, and just don't know if I'd want to be staying in an extended stay for 13 weeks straight.. yet. Again, possibly after my first one or two assignments. Keep enjoying that HOUSEKEEPING though!
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    I am in a really nice furnished apartment just outside of DC, they gave me a choice of four different complexes up here. All had positives and some negatives. I would make more money had I found my own place but just showing up for work is really all I wanted to do and play tourist on my days off. So far it has worked out ok. I am thinking about Hopkins for my next stop and thinking about taking housing there too as I hear there are a lot of very sketchy areas up there.
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    When you say less pay. What is the range after they provide housing? My wife and I are looking into traveling.
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    In the DC area most travelers that I know take the housing and are all making around $32 an hour. People working per diem or not taking housing make around $47. That is for ED at a level 1 trauma center.
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    I like the money to much to have my agency find me housing. Heres what I do, I put an add on craigs list stating who I am,what I'm looking for, and how much I can afford. Also a little about myself and the possibly of facebooking. Depending the location, I get plenty of responsed that I can pick and choose. If I cant drive to view place, I insist on facebooking or sending of pictures. It is done very saftely. Right now I get a stipend of 756 dollars a week for housing. I found a great furnished garage apt for 200 a week. Thats 500 + added to my paycheck weekly! Only in a quick situation would I let them find me housing. Some nurses say they are to lazy to do what I do. Are you kidding me?? They probably spend alot of time on the pc doing other stuff, why not make the most money you can make on an assignment? Don't be lazy, it can mean 1600 extra in you pay a month.
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