What Do I Pack?!?

  1. So I am heading out on my first travel assignment in a few days. Its in a small town in Nebraska. Housing is hard to find there so I have agreed to stay in a nice hotel for the first 5-7 days so that I can look around for housing. My husband and puppy are tagging along. I have no idea what to pack. Any ideas? Anyone have a similiar situation? We decided to dry instead of fly due to the dog and it will give us more room for our things.
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  3. by   NedRN
    Take less than half of what you think you can't live without! Even then, you will find yourself shedding more each subsequent assignment. A few travelers really do need extra, especially chefs, and end up towing a trailer. But that is rare, most beginners find they have way too much stuff. Think vacation, not moving.
  4. by   northcalgirl
    Love the comments, NedRN! Soooo true! I remember when I left for my first assignment, I can't believe now how much stuff I took. I shed more and more over the past year. I was a bit dillusional on how much I NEEDED! Especially, when it came to clothes! Still don't know why I was trying to lug around 5 coats!! My wardrobe is definetely simplified now and I could not be happier...especially when it comes to moving day!

    Yes, think of vacation, not moving!! If you will have a furnished place though, make sure that a tv is included...usually is but I have seen it both ways.

    I travel with my dogs too and as long as they have a bed and food, they are good to go!

    Must haves for me: laptop, ipod, a couple of small lamps. (I like to have good lighting and they are easy to pack and move usually) I can get by with a minimal kitchen too but if you have a couple of your favorite tools, take them too (as long as they are small!)
  5. by   sweetgurly25
    i am on my first assignment and i really wished i had packed less. my car was so full of stuff now i am thinking...why did i bring this again?
  6. by   HollywoodDiva
    First assignment, suitcase and iPad or laptop, my pets stuff and whatever else I need I can hit up at the discount store.
  7. by   samb0105
    Thanks so much for the suggestions.