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  1. Has anyone worked as a traveler in their ICU? Can you shed any light on how the facility is and how they treat travelers? Considering a contract here. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   wanderlust99
    Yes. It's interesting You WILL float, all the time. So be prepared for that. There are I believe 5 total ICUs. You'll also float to tele & the floors on occasion. PACU as well, which is fun. PM me for more detail. Which ICU are you applying for?

    Is it USC University hospital? Or USC County hospital? I worked at the University hospital. Two different places. Honestly, LA hospitals aren't that great, I've heard bad things about Cedars too. I was at USC for 6 months and learned a lot. After working there I can handle anything.
  4. by   rnspark
    Thanks for the reply. I interviewed for USC University ICU float. I would love to PM you but I have not posted enough to do so. Maybe you can PM me and I can give you my email?
  5. by   wanderlust99
    Hey...gosh sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner! Did you take the job???? I'm contemplating going back to USC in the next few weeks if they are still looking for travelers.
  6. by   daves
    Going to start my fourth week at USC tomarrow as Tele float.
    Its now officially Keck Medical Center USC. Make sure you're not accidentally interviewing for LAC+USC, "County"; that's all together different.
    Probably not the first hospital someone should work in - lots of new stuff going on. They seem to need a lot of help though.

    On top of everything else they're going to transition to Cerner charting (using paper now!) in June. That usually requires ramping up of staff numbers.
    I know this is an old thread but I'm a Traveler at USC University. This is literally the worst travel assignment I have ever had. I have been traveling 3 years in Los Angeles and I have been to some crappy ones(kaiser west La). Here is an example of a typical week at Keck USC:
    Phone call at 5:40am telling me to come at 9am instead of 7. Called again at 6:30 am and told to come in at 7am. Um.. Hello? I can't make it in 30 mins! Then you get there and you never work on the unit they hired you for. If your ICU like me you will go to every floor med/surg, pacu, outpatients clinics. They have a clause in the contract that they can cancel 1 shift every 2 weeks. And they do. This is a terrible place. Can't wait to be done.
  8. by   sweetgurly25
    when they cancelled you where you required to make the shifts up?
  9. by   wanderlust99
    Sorry ICUDENVERRN I was thinking about going back to USC, it's been several years since I've been. I think I won't after reading that, it sounds terrible.