Travel Nursing with Family!

  1. I am considering my first travel assignment for the summer....(I have done seasonal and registry in the past). I have a husband and two young kids (who are homeschooled already). Anyone have experiences traveling with the family? Pros and Cons?

    Also, anyone done any assignments in DC? Recruiter said this is the prime area for $$ and jobs.

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  3. by   Strawberrykool
    How old ate your children? And how and who schools them?
  4. by   Nurcyn
    Kids are 9 and 4.
  5. by   krijay1976
    The only issue I ran into with me family is the sheer volume of stuff that a family has. We had to rent a uhaul to move all the stuff so it became an expensive burden so i stopped traveling. This time around it is just my and my 12 year old son so we can limit the stuff we carry with us. We do have a trailer that I pull with our motorcycles in it that gives us some extra carrying capacity.