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  1. 0 My recruiter recently called my about a position at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Mass. I was curious if there was anyone out there who has worked at this facility or has some feedback on it. Thanks !
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    I've done assignments three different times at Baystate in Springfield and never heard of Mercy! I just googled it, and by George, it is there. No doubt Baystate is much, much larger.
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    I'd love to hear about any mass locations since I'm travelling up there (or intend to) this summer (with the hopes of staying forever).
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    I love Massachusetts. But depending on where you are from, you may find the natives a little, well, unfriendly. It is a question of perception of course, I don't take them that way. But I find the denizens of NYC friendly too.
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    Ha ha, I'm originally from there, which is why I want to return. I just wasn't a nurse when growing up there. But you are right, we can be a tough crowd. lol
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    I find the smaller hospitals have much nicer staff then the bigger ones; no matter where you are on the East Coast.