Travel Nursing

  1. I had this offer from a travel nursing agency. Share your thoughts is this a good offer.

    Estimated Weekly Compensation:

    $540.00 Taxable Wages ($15.00/hr * 36 hours)
    + $822.95 Weekly Per Diems: subject to fulfillment of the weekly required hours.
    $1,362.95 Weekly Gross Compensation
    -20% Hypothetical Tax Rate (adjustable based on your W4)
    $1,254.95 Weekly Estimated Net Compensation after Taxes

    Additional Compensation Factors:

    Travel Reimbursement: up to $500.00

    Weekly Medical Benefits: $50.00 towards Anthem Medical Benefits
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  3. by   Reigen
    PanTravelers - Traveler's Calculator3

    This is the link to a calculator, while you will have to registered to use this it's free to register.... This will help you figure out if what you are being offered is a fair wage.
  4. by   79Tango
    Who is paying for your housing and how much does it cost?
  5. by   NedRN
    The calculator suggestion was an excellent one. However, it does little good without some basis for comparison. There are really too many variables to answer your question as posed. Here are some things an outsider would have to know to venture an opinion: Are you a traveler already? How does this compare with past assignments? Or current staff pay? Where is it located? What is the agency? How does it compare with other offers you've received in the same area? What is your specialty? Do you have a legitimate tax home? Does the agency offer housing, or only a housing stipend? Are you trying to make a lot of money, or just go somewhere fun? Is the offer enough to live on in that area?

    Of course, once you get through answering these questions (which require homework, like talking to more than one agency), and plugged into the calculator, you will have just about not need us!

    By the way, 20% estimated taxes is probably too low unless there is no state tax (which is one reason we would need to know location).
  6. by   Btts
    Thank you all. I am a RN with about 3 12/ yr experience and looking to make more money.Comparing with my pay now, Its about 6 dollars more per hr. Never done travel nursing. The company staff Nurses in different areas and i was told each place you go with have different pay scale. Which i understand. This offer is in NJ, Camden by flexcare. I currently work in FL. The 822. 95 would be for housing, meal and incidental and if i wanted Car rental, It will be abt 622$ . honestly i feel like i am being duped. It appears very low than what i was expecting. The companies i have been talking to are offering something around the same amount for NJ. I am looking to start NJ then CA. I know Cali will probably be more but if I am not given a fair amount now I wont get it later. Thanks for any input.
  7. by   NedRN
    If several agencies have quoted similar offers for you in NJ, it is probably fair. Since you want to go there, and it pays more than you make now, your decision should be easy. A couple of things to bear in mind: if you want max pay, don't limit your locations. You will be more marketable after you have proven yourself with a successful travel assignment, so if you are actually offered this assignment, consider taking it to get your feet wet. Then you will be worth more.

    Take your own car! You will save money, have more flexibility, and be able to enjoy America as you drive between assignments.

    You need to learn about the concept of a tax home now and make some considered choices about maintaining one, or becoming itinerant. All that tax free money you have been offered becomes taxable without a tax home. That can be OK or not. But considering the cost of housing in Florida, and the fact that it has no state income taxes, it is not a bad place to be based from. Buy a cheap house, or rent a mult-ibedroom apt and get a roommate to reduce costs and help with mail.