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Hey all! I have about a week or two left until I get my CA license and was offered a job in Oakland at the Kaiser facility starting August 15. I've heard mixed things, but I feel like that is with... Read More

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    Thanks a lot. Actually, I didn't get this particular job but just accepted one with a later start date in the same facility. I got a place in San Fran since I really want to experience living there, not particularly Oakland, even though I hear it does have a lot to offer. I will be on the tele floor. I'm used to having 7 patients here on our tele floor in FL...I actually wouldn't mind doing primary nursing since I feel you can get to know the patients better. Then again, I've never done it!!! (We have two CNAs per 35 pts on our floor, and only a few competent ones, so I end up doing a lot of my own vitals, accuchecks, etc.) I like hearing everyones experiences!! I'll let you know how it goes!

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    Oh, and I will be days thankfully, so hopefully the commute won't be too bad for driving! Not worried about that part at all, since a friend over there assured me that the traffic wouldn't be bad at 6:15 am and 7:30ish pm!! Hope he's right!
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    I know this is a year old but just wondering how you found your assignment at Kaiser Oakland.
    I am looking into taking one myself in the ER, and would also love to live in SF.
    How did you find the hospital? the commute?

    any opinions would be great!
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    Not much has changed, but in the last 6 weeks or so showed the dangers in commuting clearly. The Bay Bridge was shut for the new span to open and BART was jammed with a record number of passengers. Then a couple weeks ago BART went on strike jamming the roads. It is far better to live near where you work.
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    Thanks for your response Ned.
    I actually declined the position at Kaiser and accepted at Cal Pacific main campus, although the pay is ridiculously low.
    Just a better option for me as you said "live where you work" and i always wanted to live in SF.
    Do you have any experience with Cal Pacific? you are very well travelled!

    thanks again!!
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    Also... how do you feel about these pay rates
    I am talking to a few different companies about a couple jobs in the bay area..
    oakland kaiser er $34 an hour, blended rate, EV shift
    cal pacific $33 an hour blended rate, 12 hr D/N
    cal pacific $23 an hour, blended, days
    all 36 hour work week
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    I have done an assignment at CPMC and liked it. As to your pay packages, go to PanTravelers Calculator and plug in everything and compare for yourself. I'm not going to say you are right or wrong!

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