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  1. Hello My Fellow Nurses!!!
    Hope your day is going awesome or went great! I wanted to ask for some advise from experienced travelers. Im an ICU nurse with about 1 1/2 years of experience, started in the ICU. And I've been really, really thinking about doing traveling nursing. I signed a contract with my current hospital until fall this year. But would LOVE to take an assignment for Spring 2014, ideally in CO (Its a beautiful state!). With that in mind the QUESTION is:

    -> What company would you recommend based on your experience as a traveling nurse? How long are the assignments? Is the whole assignment done in one unit?

    Any tips, info, wisdom and jokes you would like to share would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Sincerely, SurfOwel, spanking new to Allnurses.
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  3. by   NedRN
    Did you read even one thread before you posted? There are hundreds of thousands of words of general information about traveling on other websites if you don't want to read posts here.
  4. by   SurfOwel
    Hey Ned, thanks for the input. You don't have to have an attitude to give it. I did read a couple, saw that the info like you stated it's very vast and just wanted to put a post out there, see if anyone would be kind enough to share info more towards the Colorado area that doesn't paint rainbows and butterflies like a lot of the adds do. I guess I better put my reading glasses on. Take care.
  5. by   NedRN
    If you have a question about Colorado, think about formulating such a question. If you title a new thread with such a question, you might get decent replies instead of snark. Sorry about that. You might also try a Colorado specific question on the Colorado nursing forum here: Colorado Nursing
  6. by   SurfOwel
    Thank you Ned! I'll check out the Colorado nursing!
  7. by   Gela2182
    I was looking in to Colorado also. Based on what a few recruiters told me, they don't take 1st time travelers so you will probably have to take a position in a different state 1st. I am hoping to travel/move there as well so keep in touch with your plans :-)
  8. by   wanderlust99
    I have heard good things about University of Colorado hospital, I think it's in Aurora which is right near Denver. I have a friend that worked in a small hospital in Boulder & loved it. I'm hoping to go to CO this summer and am sending off paperwork for my license this week. I don't know how well CO pays.

    I was like you, and started off as a new grad in an ICU, worked for 2.5 years then started traveling.

    Most contracts are for 13 weeks. Another thing to consider, because of your experience, is whether hospitals will float you. I never worked outside of ICU until I started traveling, and floating to tele was definitely an experience (a bad one) for me.

    I recommend staying away from American Mobile.
  9. by   SurfOwel
    Thank you Gela and Flexiseal for the Info!!! I'll try to keep in touch. And good point Flexiseal, I don't think I would enjoy too much floating outside the ICU... hmmm It really sounds like a tough state to find a good positions... I'll be going to CO this Saturday to visit a friend of mine, may be I'll find out a bit more about the market. We'll see