Strategic Healthcare Staffing?

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    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this company? Good things? Bad things?

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    I want to bump this back up there... I just responded to an offer from this company I found online too. I can't really find any reviews. Anyone have any experience with Strategic Healthcare or know of any good agencies on the Central Coast in CA?
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    Never heard of them...let me know your thoughts.
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    I haven't heard of them! I'm from Monterey, CA. I have been talking to "on assignment", "tru staff" and "flexcare".......I haven't decided what company to go with!! I'm new to this, and I want to make sure I get the most out of my assignment!!
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    I've been working with them for over a year now - my recruiter always answers her phone, even late at night. They always forward me money for housing when I need it up front to put a deposit down on a hotel or in an apartment, and have helped me out by getting me sign on/completion bonuses. If I ever need someone's help the President of the company takes phone calls all hours of the night too. Payroll is always on time as long as I send in my time sheet. They gave me $1000 for getting my friend to travel with me. I don't have any issues with this company what-so-ever. They are based in New York (Long Island, I think) and staff all over the place.
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    Is your recruiter also the president?
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    No my recruiter is a female. The President is a male. Do you travel?
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    "No my recruiter is a female. The President is a male"

    Which one are you?
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    Haha just a nurse trying to share some thoughts. They asked for an opinion and I gave it.
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    My thought is people should RUN from this company...

    Sorry, but it just seems odd that for your first post you chose to revive an old thread and start repping a company that nobody has heard of. Nevermind the fact that your post is full of contradictions & travel nurse cliches from 2007!
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