Started first travel assignment. Totally stressed, is it just me? - page 2

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Help. I just started my first nursing assignment and I am totally stressed out, I feel like my patients are in danger because I am trying to figure out the policies and procedure of this new place, instead of concentrating on... Read More

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    I've been traveling over 4 years and I'm really nervous about the job I just started. But I know if I give myself 1-2 weeks I can get through it. I think I've burned out on the large hospitals with high acuity so next time I'm going to go the low acuity small hospital route. During my orientation I was on top of things pt care related but the charting and all new equipment threw me off. Hang in there.
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    Yeah, IV's. What is it with every hospital having a different pump??? Nothing makes me feel more stupid! Hopefully, in time I will have every pump learned.
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    I have to disagree slightly, Ned. I'm working for a sister hospital of one that I just left and see P&P changes. I find that to be one of the more frustrating things. But, on the other hand, I remind myself if I use my nursing logic to provide safe care, most of those P&Ps won't be a huge deal. I find most of my questions are on policies, but luckily the people I am working with are very nice and a questioning attitude is encouraged.
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    What I often find frustrating is the disconnect between policy and practice during orientation. I can watch three different preceptors do it three different ways (on documentation for example), and the policy states a different way that no one does.

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