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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to bring my garage and toy's with... Read More

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    I'm curious...how do you access the internet in your RV?

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    That's a good question. I am hoping that there is a wireless high speed system in South Florida, similar to the one I am using right now in Western Kansas. I know that Bell South will have some type of connection at any of the RV parks that I may use but I don't know about on the road. I have been looking for a WIFI card for my Pocket PC so I can check out some of the "truckstop" WIFI connections before plunking down some change on a new laptop. What do some of you experienced RV travelers do??????
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    Some RV parks will have Wi Fi available with the cost of your site. I have not started to travel yet, but have purchased a Sprint wireless card that fits in your laptop and if you have cell phone availability you will have use of your laptop. It is kind of expensive. $50 a month, but I think it will be worth it to have it available at anytime and anywhere. I have a HP laptop and they said that they didn't work with Dells
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    That's not expensive, well no more than normal. It costs $50 a month to have cable internet in your home. Same deal. Very nice amenity!
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    My husband and I have sold our home and moved into our 37 Ft 5th wheel. It has 3 slides. I am not traveling now but will be in January. We had planned to leave the area in September but my present employer made me an offered offer I can't refuse until the end of the year. My husband will travel with me. His plan is to work at the campground we are staying at. He is a "work campier" By doing this our site is either paid for or at reduced rate. The campground we are at now he works 20 hours a week and our site is paid for. All hours over 20 he works he gets paid a small hourly rate. I will let everone know as time goes on how this is working.
    As for internet where we are now they have WI FI for $39.99 a month. Some campgrounds have wifi as part of the site.
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    My sister and I are both concidering the traveling nurse thing and yes we also have heard that it can be expensive to do that, but there is good coming out of it also. see you can do a 13 week stay in a condo or apartment where the hospital puts you then you can also do the RV thing. I am really looking forward to becoming an RN and hope that I do get a traveling nurse job. Do you know anyplaces that we can start looking at so good cheap RV's at on line or something.
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    Think long and hard before you buy a toyhauler. I think those are great for weekenders. However; that garage portion of the trailer becomes your sleeping/living area once you arive at your destination. Most parks are not going to allow you to park/store your toys during your 13wk assignment. Also, it takes very little spilled gasoline to totally permeate the interior of your nice RV. My wife and I travel a lot. We like our 5th wheel, but it does limit what you can haul in the bed of the truck. Still, for most of us the 5th wheel is the best option. We found out the hard way; buy the best quality model you can afford up front.
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    I love this posting.

    Did your husband use workcamper.com to find the job in the RV park where you are staying or just get hired after you arrived? My husband is retiring next year and we are working toward traveling next year. I have been on the workcamper.com site to look at some opportunities that might keep him busy. I am going to start with some per diem close to home, then start traveling next year.

    We just traded up to a 36' Excel 5th wheel this year and just love it. I think it will be great having all your own stuff when you travel and not have to pack everytime you pick up your roots.

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    I really want to thank everyone for keeping this post going. It is helping me a lot. I have looked at all the toy haulers that I can find in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Haven't found one that I think I can live in for an extended period yet. My problem is I want to take too many things. Picked up an RV trader this weekend and will be on-line most of the night looking up the ones I find in there. I agree with the comment on having a gas spill, and was concerned about parking the pulling truck, my car and my motorcycle all in the same spot as my RV in the campground. Next weekend I hope to spend some time talking to the managers of a few RV parks in South Florida. I hope they don't laugh at me when I ask about bringing my toys with me.
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    Thanks for the quick responses. Scarpbooker06, you will have to let me know how it works out for you . What type did you choose? I worked with a couple in South Florida who had a travel trailer and a CRNA in Kansas who had a Class A motorhome. I've read about the cost of parking spots in Florida and may rethink trying to do the RV site there until I find out for certain what I will have to pay for a spot and if I have to pay for the whole year just to have a reasonable monthly charge. If anyone else has information I will appreciate it.
    I have recently been redirected in life's arrangement. I am a nursing student, and when married my friends and I would joke about "if my wife left me....". Well it happened and I bought a travel trailer. Very nice, comfortable, and cozy. I would recommend a slide b/c it gives you a greater sense of room. Not confining. Gotta get one pretty big, mine is 31 ft. long. I love it, and my house was 1300 sq ft. As far as the lots they are flexible, and most will go month to month. You can arrange for certain amounts of time. Even only days or weeks. It is pretty affordable even with the payment for the trailer. I have a truck to pull it, and use it to go to work. If weather is good I have a scooter to save $. KOA campsites are pretty common, and once you visit a few sites they will lead you to more and more. There are websites that list areas nationally as well. Be carefull some are for the wealthly and charge a pretty penny. Down-town Austin has one that is for them and it is nearly $500 a month just for the space, before the water, cable, and elec. This has been a great option and it is portable. When I finish I plan on being a traveling nurse, and this will be prefect.

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