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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to bring my garage and toy's with... Read More

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    JoyJoy you did great! I used to work nights, and might be right back at it soon. Just started the fulltimer thing 2 months ago, and have totally gotten into the swing of it. 12 states covered thus far. Will land in Fort Myers later today for "the season". Haven't been on your side of the US, but will surely look that way next year. Hope your holidays with the family are worth your wait. Take care!:typing

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    I am just finishing an assignment in Gallup, NM. Our RV has survived the snow and below freezing weather. Thanks to heat tape, no frozen water pipes, but we are looking forward to warmer weather in FL. I wish we were headed to Arizona,too. We spent last winter in Tucson and since my DH is retired military, we spent the winter on the Davis-Monthan AFB. The campground was beautiful. We spent the winter hiking the desert, now we will be hiking Disney in Orlando.
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    Sissy, let me know when you get to Orlando. I am less than 3 hours away, in Fort Myers Beach and would love to meet up!.... I could not get a Travel Assignment, but did well contracting locally until May 2009. I love where we are staying. No SNOW! Lowest it has been has been 56 the other morning, but I was sleeping.... lol.... Fish are biting, and life is pleasing. FL is good. People are nice, and everyone is a traveler!!! Have only met one Native in a month. God Bless and stay safe in your travels. Only Full time RVing since Oct. Kim
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    How many in Florida this winter?

    What part?

    Thoughts on having small "rally"?

    If yes, when?

    Willing to assist with organization?

    email me directly

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    I am in Fort Myers Beach area until May 10. Rally would be awesome! Let me know what I could do to assist. Kim
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    Not traveling but interested in meeting traveler's.........does that count.
    Live in Plantation and want to travel eventually...can possibly help out, let me know
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    I will be in Leesburg from Jan 21st thru April 18th. I think a rally sounds like fun. I would be willing to help any way I can.
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    Ok, it's only been a day and there seems to be interest. Now we need to decide when and where. My thought is for a long weekend. I'm on 12 hour shifts and no weekends (except call) so I have some free time. Am able to request days off (in advance) so setting a date (or days) will be the first order. My current contract is up to the 15 of Feb. but I am hoping to extend till late Spring/Summer. (School is out)

    After the date is location. A place where one of us is already parked would be ideal. Easier to contact the management and determine if there would be any issues and how to arrange for a group to be able to park together.

    I posted a poll on another site and have had 8 responses. 4 interested and 4 not. If you are very interested in helping or taking charge email me by clicking on the envelope under my screen name and send me a direct email. Look forward to responses and will keep you updated on this site.

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    There is a great resort that is affordable in ft. myers, Groves RV resort and up north in Jacksonville is Hanna park which is right on the water, Groves is 2 mi from small public beach but they have lots of room for rv's especially not in season..hope this helps
    Also a nice place in Juno Beach that's really nice but might be crowded...across from beach
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    The responses on this site stopped on the 4th and there has not been any new interest on the other two sites I posted a question or poll on. If my count is correct there are three (myself included) who are interested in a "rally". Should make it fairly easy to decide when and where. I have to move from my current spot in April. Will be going just around the corner to another park but while I am hooked up, would be easy to do a little road trip. Other than making sure I have the taxes filed I don't have any other plans. US 27 has a couple of parks out in the open North of the Lake. I haven't visited them but they are in the center of the state so it should be comparable distance from either coast. I don't have any problem with Ft. Myers or Juno, Jacksonville is a bit farther than I would want to go unless it was June and I was heading to Utah. Don't think any of those interested are up North, but I could be wrong. Let me know if you are still interested and what your park suggestions are. I can take a day and Ride to a few around the area to talk to the managers and check them out.


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