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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to... Read More

    I cannot believe it's almost May. Was listening to the weather gal on the TV this morning and she said it was the last Thursday in May. Had to check my computer to be sure she was wrong.

    Just got confirmation of my latest extension request. Will be at JFK till the first week in June. Started looking for a summer assignment but one company has only one OR or ER assignment in the WHOLE USA? I asked them how they were staying in business and the response was "Things should open up soon." I asked if there had been any downsizing or hourly cuts and was told no. I know people in Iowa who are down to 28 hours per week now.

    I will say that my experience in my RV has been all I expected. The only difficulties are with the parking spots in South Florida. There are not enough sites and those that are still here are not Toyhauler Friendly. The people and my neighbors have been great though so I still am able to use the Toyhauler as a garage instead of a storage area.
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    This has been such an informative thread! I'm planning on my first traveling assignment this August and was thinking of the feasibility of rving when I stumbled across this, just looked at a bunch today. Wondering what the prices are for lot rent maybe in san Diego? Also anyone been to new york city? Any campgrounds near hospitals there? Thanks so much
    Use the resources of the travel company to assist in locating a spot. I haven't used them yet but have heard the housing specialist may have more than just appartment contacts in their Rolodex. I knew where I wanted to stay and was lucky to get a spot for the entire assignment in South Florida. Tell your recruiter right away that you want a location that is RV friendly. I even heard that someone at Stanford parked right at the hospital. I know that many of the hospitals I have worked at had electric hookups for overnight stays of patient families and one weekend covering Surgeon. Good luck and let us know how it goes. That's what keeps the thread alive, useful and informative.

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    Thanks! I'm a single parent of a 10 year old and I'm taking my mom along for daycare/emotional support. The rv thing appealed to me because I hate packing and unpacking etc and to provide a stable environment for my child. I just think it would be a great way for a child to see the country the farthest he's been is Chicago and wants to move there but its the only other place he's been to that isn't a stones throw from where we live. I did find an rv park "15 minutes from Manhattan " according to the website for any one that's interested. What would you say would be a decent dollar amount to plunk down for a good class A? It seems 45 thousand can get you a pretty good one. And they can be well over six figures but I am totally new to this. Thanks again for all the info.
    Do a lot of shopping and kicking the tires. Make sure you can safely drive one. I was lucky and my brother has a toyhauler that he let me rent for one assignment. I found out a lot on that assignment some "must haves" and "needs". Renting is quite expensive in my opinion, but getting stuck with a $45,000.00++++ Class A motorhome that you can't use or not drive safely is much worse.
    Just an update. Still enjoy the RV life. It's been 5 months in my own 5th wheel and no major issues. Will be heading off to Iowa for the Summer, Fall and maybe a few cold weather days of Winter. Will see how the rig handles the living part of cold weather before heading back to Florida around the Holidays. Taking a perdiem position at a hospital I worked at as a Paramedic in the 80's. Will be interesting to see how things have changed over the past 20+ years. Still know some of the people there. My 12 year old will be accompaning me North. She has spent a few nights with me but we will see what happens with two people in the RV all the time. I hope she loves it. Have two options for parking spots in Ottumwa, Iowa. There is a nice campground right in town with lots of shade and activities, but no sewer hook ups. There is a local mobile home park with sewer hookups but would have to arrange for my own electric, and they want at least a 3 month commitment. I plan on staying that long but.... Guess that's all for now.

    Rainy start to the 4th of July. Hoping it will clear up for the afternoon and evening, have a BBQ and then hopefully the Fireworks show. Have parked in a Mobile Home park in Iowa. It's not too bad and really not much different than an RV park. Needed a little longer cord for my electric, but the water hose could have been shorter. Haven't got my first electric bill, so I don't know if the decreased lot rent will offset my having to hook up to electric service. Thankfully I lived here before and didn't have to put up a large deposit. Had on unfortunate event so far. Lost my awning during a short and unexpected Thunder and Wind Storm. Was at work and had thought about pulling the awning in when I left that morning. It was a nice sunny day and not a cloud in the sky. Wanted the protection and shade from the afternoon sun because it was going to get hot. The awning seemed to allow the A/C to rest every so often during the hottest parts of the afternoon. (If it was deployed). Got home to find the canvas on top of the trailer and various parts hanging on either side. I was very lucky to not have a huge hole or windows broken by the hardware. Managed to get it off without too much difficulty and am looking into an electric model now, so when I get ready to leave it's just a push of a button to retract. The problem with the other one was, I needed my extension ladder to release the support braces. An expensive lesson learned. Haven't checked into any travel assignments for a while. Am planning on returning to the hospital I left this Spring later in the year. Was lucky enough to still have contacts at home after 20 years and have a pretty good Perdiem postion for the summer, fall and early winter. My daughter is staying till the first of August and it's been great having someone else in the toyhauler. Need to start preparing food for the BBQ, hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Independance Day.

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    Haven't heard from anyone in awhile, glad to hear Iowa is going well...very jealous..but I found a place in Jacksonville that I am going to store my (our ) trailer and then have it there to use...also close to Flagler hospital and Jacksonville Shands for when I decide to start traveling...so getting closer..still a few years away..enjoying the empty nest syndrome for now with Jess off to college in Jax..enjoy your barbq..and soon to be new electric awning...
    Got an email last night from my recruiter in Florida reporting she is getting "Season" needs for January starts. Seems quite early, especially after last year with everyone waiting till the last minute to open up. Anyone locked in a spot? How secure do you feel it will be to agreee to a January start in late August or early September?

    Have had a good Summer in the RV. No major problems after having my awning taken off by a short but powerful thunder storm. Trying to prepare for my first burst of cold weather. It's supposed to be in the 40's this weekend, but I'm not worried about those. It's the negative "0" that I will be concerned about. Don't want any frozen or broken water lines.
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    I am about 1 yr from grad from my LPN-BSN program and the hubby and I looked at RVs today just keepin the dream alive we found some great deals here near Phx AZ. We both love the idea of travelling and are new to RVs in general some have great storage and nice floorplans but I do have some general Travel Nurse questions as far as how do you set up perm residency we want to move to TX after I get my liscence and I dont know if just having a PO box qualifies...and how do you get your mail when you are moving place to place do you just change address every 12-13 wks and still have a po in your home state? Also what are some more tips for storage and space options? do many parks allow pets? I know I have many misc ???s but I am just thinking ahead and these have all crossed my mind. Thx for this post.

    you have a couple years before you will want to venture into the traveling. who knows what will happen by then. i keep telling myself that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. didn't do that too well when i had a 3 bedroom house let alone a 40 foot rv. i am getting better. you will be surprised how much you can load up. even more surprised at how much things weigh. it will be different for two than it is for me. my daughter spent a couple months over the summer with me and we did fine. she didn't take up much room and has yet to gather the extensive wardrobe of a teen. i have seen many pets that travel well in an rv and have noticed very few parks that prohibit pets. all do require leashes and or secure accommodations. i am coming up on my first year anniversary living full time in my toyhauler. it's everything i thought it would be and more. are there things i would change? sure but nothing i have to immediately. keep asking questions and spend as much time in an rv as you can before you plunk down the funds to own one.

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    thanks for the advice
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    I see that you have spent time in Ottumwa. I would enjoy hearing about your experience there. I've been visiting Ottumwa since I was a child visiting family. I'm currently a nursing student and I know I have a ways to go before I can even think about traveling. But I could see Ottumwa being a place I would put in my travels.

    I totally want to pursue what you are currently doing....living in an RV and traveling the country. Thanks for sharing!!