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Haven't traveled for almost 7 years. Am contemplating a return. Don't want to do the extensive move every thirteen weeks thing I did in 1990's and am thinking I want to purchase a "Toy Hauler" to bring my garage and toy's with... Read More

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    where is south florida are you going to work?
    i work at memorial in hollywood and TY park is a great park for camping and within biking distance to hospital...just wondering

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    Don't know yet. My daughter lives in Wellington and I try to get as close as I can. Last year it was Holy Cross and the year before it was JFK. Haven't started looking real hard yet. Don't think I can stay at TY till after the first of the year. Used up most of my allotted days last year. You can only stay so many, 90 I think.
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    Hi Travelers,
    What are the chances of another nurse getting an assignment at the your last assignment and scrub? Did you learn how to circulate there?

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    There is a great RV park in Juno Beach, walking distance to the beach but might be expensive in the winter, also the KOA at lion kountry safari is really nice too and close to wellington i think, i live in plantation but have taken my daughter to the wellington mall (very close to LC Safari)
    good luck
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    Cay, I don't know which assignment you are inquiring about, but if a position is open and a traveler fits the needs I would think it would be offered.

    GradRN2007, I have visited Lion Country and it is a nice park. Too expensive for what it offers and doesn't have 24 hour access that I need when I am on call. Would also be a long way away from JFK or Columbia on 45th Street. Palms West might be alright. Stayed a couple days at a park in Palm Beach Gardens and the location was maybe a little closer but the "manager" there wasn't a people person and I don't think I would stay there unless she was gone. Will have to see where I can find an assignment and go from there.
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    We are staying in our travel trailer on our assignments. Having a great time. The major problem has been finding RV parks that meet our needs and take long-term folks.
    Our assignment in Sioux Falls S.D. is over Sept. 10th and we are headed home for a short visit. Not sure where our next assignment will be.
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    Good luck, hope you get a good assignment, I eventually will be doing traveling in several years and love hearing about everyones experiences.
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    Has anyone out there ever done the RV thing while working nights? My husband travels with me, and I have concerns about not being able to sleep, due to his coming/going, or just plain staying in the RV. He is a couch potato, watches a lot of TV. Am not sure that I could sleep with him there, especially if the RV didn't have a seperate bedroom! Also am concerned about noise outside the RV, kids playing, cars driving in/out of the RV park, etc.
    Any thoughts anyone?

    Kathy in Iowa
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    Any one out there done the RV thing while working nights? I have concerns that I wouldn't be able to sleep. My husband is retired and travels with me. Have concerns about his coming and going, or just staying put. He watches TV all day (the Weather Channel, and Fox News, gag). I don't think, NO, I KNOW I couldn't sleep with him sitting there with the TV on. Also, what about noise in the RV park, people coming and going, cars driving by, kids playing, etc. Does the noise bother you all?


    Kathy in Iowa
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    That's a good question, Kathy. I haven't tried to sleep during the day in an RV but I know of people who have. One couple worked nights together so they were both sleeping at the same time. A neighbor last winter in an RV spot in Florida said his wife worked nights in a triple slide class A. She would be bothered by the Lawn "guys" but her husband would sit outside for hours tap, tap, tapping on his drum synthesizer. And that apparently didn't bother her.

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