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Does anyone have any experience with Parallon? I am currently on assignment with them and I am very dissatisfied. I regret taking this assignment with them.... Read More

  1. by   nyc2011
    Hello all,

    So I feel like something is weird about this parallon application…it is through estaff365, and there are asking lots of personal information before you start working like social security number and picture of social security card, picture of drivers lscnce and the number? what the heck is all this..
    I hope these people are not part of any identity scam
  2. by   NedRN
    I think you've hit it! HCA is a scam.
  3. by   nyc2011
    NedRN- do you have experience with parallon have you ever applied?
  4. by   NedRN
    No. And knock on wood, I never will. Too many better hospitals to work for.
  5. by   Noahj
    lol, a scam? not hardly

    i've worked for All About Staffing/Parallon on and off for a few years and never experienced an issue. i've also recommended friends for travel here and worked contracts and never had issues.

    i think it sounds more like a recruiter issue, more than a Parallon issue.

    i've also worked at every HCA facility here where i live and in other states and honestly, i've never seen much of a problem i didn't see at other hospital systems. to be exact, i've worked at a University teaching hospital and 3 other hospital systems in 4 different states and HCA has been fine. as a matter of fact, i'd take myself or my family to any HCA facility here before any of the other systems.

    i guess your mileage may vary. never understood the fuss myself.
  6. by   NedRN
    HCA found guilty of massive Medicare fraud. Easy to understand that fuss.
  7. by   nyc2011
    yea maybe you're right Noahj< because the recruiter was pretty rude made me feel even MORE uncomfortable..I mean can you imagine going to get a job and submitting important life documents online ?

    this wasn't the only issue..My offer letter for PRN cardiac did not have the pay the recruiter quoted me or the hospitals (or location ) i would be working in…I told her what city I was in and when I asked her if she could add that on the offer letter she got mad and said the pay varies according to where you work well DUH? I know that..but I will be working in one location I told her she said that they just give generic offer letters out..
    SO i told her you can tell me u will give me $41/hr but when I go to the "local office" they may say no you're going to make $30/hr???at this point she got upset and I told her..there is no reason to get upset..I am trying to secure myself...

    What the heck. this was a red flag for me...
  8. by   NedRN
    Ask her if she knows what she makes!
  9. by   nyc2011
    Ned RN ask who ?
  10. by   NedRN
    Ask the recruiter if she knows what she makes. Then tell her you would like to know what you will make.
  11. by   Soliloquy
    Save yourself the stress and don't work with her/them. She's being an idiot and you don't want to have an idiot for your backup/support. Not with hca facilities.
  12. by   poolrn14
    I'm in FL. I recently applied with Parallon and did everything on the site everyone has mentioned. I have a coworker who works with them and likes it so they are definitely legit and they pay well. He's per diem. I applied for PRN as well so can't speak for travel assignments. However, I can say that in the paperwork, asking about a medical history made me raise a brow. Is that legal? I don't have any pre-existing's but just asking about what seemed like 50+ conditions was weird and seemed like they'd use it to weed people out who had something like back injury or psych. Never in my life have I seen this...

    As for the rate not being on the per diem offer letter. I noticed that too. I'd applied back in 2013 before and it was included. I think that perhaps switching recruiters may benefit you. I addressed it with my recruiter and he emailed me the rates we'd discussed for my reference. No attitude about it. Although I do get an impression that he is pretty uncaring and just cares about the "all mighty dollar", he always answers my calls quickly.

    I can say that all of this talk about HCA hospitals being bad is making me apprehensive. It's per diem so I guess if I don't like it, I never have to return to the hospital. What are the nurse to patient ratios in HCA hospitals for PCU in FL? Is that the main issue people have with working for HCA? Has anyone worked for Supplemental Health in FL? What hospitals do they typically staff?
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  13. by   Nicole5128
    Although I'm in a totally different state (Texas) I work for HCA and my first job being horrendous working in the ER with high pt-nurse ratios, high acuity, and high volume (literally scared I wasn't able to watch every patient efficiently enough for their safety), now I work at another HCA hospital that is completely the opposite. Low pt-nurse ratio, low acuity, low volume. I have heard bad things about HCA but I can say I'm content with my new less stressful job within the company. I believe it's the area and demographics that will ultimately affect how it is to work at a certain place or maybe I'm biased because I work ER and it may be different up on the floor :\