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    Seeking peoples experiences with CrossCountry Travcorp?

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    I'm not traveling at present, but there is a forum at delphi for travel nurses - they have a LOT of comments on different companies. delphiforums travel nurses and therapists.
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    Everyone will have different views on every company. I can only share my experience and a few of my friends. Remember that it's not always the company, but the recruiter. Sometimes getting a new recruiter is all it takes. My personal experience with Cross Country was poor. Their travel pay and housing fees were below industry standard. Many companies pay all your housing. Occaisionally their pay will be a dollar or so more, but the housing sets that off. Health insurance is only average also.
    They quoted me the job at $28/hr, but when I went to sign the contract it was for $23/hr. They told me they never offered the $27/hr. I would never consider a job for $23/hr! When I refused to take the contract then they wanted to bargain with the bonus the hospital was offering. This is from the hospital, NOT Cross Country. In the end they agreed to the $28/hr with the bonus. They said "Oops! We made a mistake on the computer. The job was posted for $28/hr when you interviewed for it, but it dropped in wages after you accepted". In my opinion, what was offered originally should remain that way. And I really didn't appreciate being called a liar!
    In the end I took the job. It is the only assignment to date that I have walked out on!!! And I have had some tuff ones. It was supposed to be a PCU with a 4:1 patient ratio. When I got there it was a "going to be telemetry unit". They were just waiting for the monitors to arrive any day, and would I mind helping them get it up and running. They said the ratios would be about 6:1. Reluctantly I agreed to help, but wish to remain a PCU nurse. Well, the ratios were 18 - 20 patients, 1 RN (me), 1 LPN, and 1 - 2 CNA's on a heavy medicine floor!!! And to make things worse, the State was there and had given them 6 weeks to clean up their act or they were going to close them down!!!
    Ofcourse, Cross Country denied any knowledge of this. They did not support me in any way. They told me because I worked PCU 2 nights, that is all that was required by the facility to fullfill their commitment. After 5 weeks of trying to negotiate a safer assingment with the facility, I had to take my license, pay $2000 for the housing (they kept my last check) and walk! But before I walked I talked with another Cross Country traveler that was in the ICU who told me that Cross Country DID know about the State problems prior to my arrival, because she had told them! It was a very frustrating situation!
    This is just one situation. Some people are very happy with them, some hate them. I personally travel with Clinical One and RNNetwork. but you have to find what is right for you. Get two or three companies and then make your decision.
    Hope this helps!
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    I had a good travel exp with CCTC. In talking w/many different companies, it is my opinion that the larger compaines can't be beat for assignment availability, however they are not as personable and accommodating as smaller ones are.
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    I've had two just ok experiences with Cross Country. However, i find that it is real sneaky business and you have to be on your toes or your recruiter will try to get you to work for less. I've found that by being assertive and telling them what and where I will work is an approach they are not accustomed to. You have to remember you are the one with all the skills and the power in the job market. The recruiter is a leech, and just short of a "pimp" guess what that makes the RN? LOL I insist on private housing with all costs paid, and maximum salary level, and won't work in areas that are not urban enough for me or be housed in a area that is not safe for that matter. (no thanks to E. LA) My recruiter sort of knows my wants, but she tries time after time to send me somewhere undesireable, with less than what I am accustomed to making. Sometimes I have to wait a bit between contracts for a juicy one to open up and threaten that I will use other company. That seems to get my recruiter hopping. Cross Country did some things I didn't like, for example tell me I forfeited my "loyalty bonus points" when I had more than 35 days in between my contracts. I was outraged, cause in a sense they stole 536 hours from me, and then told me it was "forfeiting". Last I understood the term "forfeit" it meant something voluntarily given up, not stolen from you. Currently because of this incident I am looking for another decent recruiter, and company, but I do not trust any of them to be quite honest. If anyone knows a recruiter that they trust and is consistent I'd love to hear from you. FYI the president of Cross Country makes >450K a year, and plays golf every day, how much do you make RN's when you are the ones doing the work? If you don't believe me, check public records and stock exchange on Cross Country facts and figures.
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    I also had the same problem with cross country. I finally walked on the second assignment. I had to fight to get paid. They charged me for everything. I havent traveled since. To top it off a nurse friend was going to travel and I told her to make sure she did not deal with the recruiter I had. they tryed to give her that recruiter and when she said she didnt want her they asked why and she told them that I had said not to use her and they proceded to tell my friend that there was no problem with the recruiter it was with the nurse. She then let them know how unprofessional they were and she would make sure to advise others to be aware. You definatly need to check out the recruiter. I am concidering traveling again and will use RN network. They come highly recommended by several nurses that are on assignments now with them.
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    I agree about RN Network. I have been with them AND the same recruiter for almost 3 years. The few problems I have had have been recitfied immediately.
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    I work for The Right Solutions and have never had a problem that they did not solve. When my car broke down, they paid to fix it and did not charge me anything other than the price of repairs. My travel spec goes above and beyond anything a recruiter is required to do for the nurse. I would reccommend her and the company to anyone.

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    I've been with CCTC for 1 1/2 years now and so far I haven't had any problems. Its definately true that your recruiter will make or break your experience with the comany. I was with RNNetwork, but my original recruiter left the comany and the one that took her place was a piece of work, it was like pulling teeth to get her to return a call and I also had several instances where my paycheck was not on time, due to inter office issues. Lke the other poster said, I keep in touch with about three recruiters at one time, that way I get an idea who's low balling me on salaries, and I always know at least one of my companies will have an assignment where I want to go.
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    I am on my second assignment with cctc and have not encountered any problems yet. Jenna is my recruiter and she actually told me not to accept an assignment until she could ask the hospital to raise the pay. I have not had any issues with getting paid either. In fact, the payroll department called me to inquire as to why they didn't get a time sheet when I forgot to fax it. I have also heard good things about American Mobile and Clinical One. I would caution against Starmed, my recruiter with them was Darin and he either left or was fired and noone returned my call for weeks. Good Luck, Let me know if you take anassignment with them maybe I can get a referral bonus.

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