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I've heard NovaPro is an off-shoot of Cross Country. Does this mean they have the same assignments, same pay, same benefits? If I'm in touch with a NovaPro recruiter and I like her, is it totally redundant to get in touch with... Read More

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    Quote from Got CPR?
    Quick question. Can a nurse with an Associate's Degree work as a traveler at a Magnet Hospital?
    God I hope so. Can you imagine an all BSN hospital?? Just kidding, I have worked with some very good nurses who were BSN and some who were not so good. I appreciate the added education, if that's how you want to go, but I am a Registered Nurse no matter what, until they change their licensing to require a BS to be a Nurse.
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    Yes!!!! Strange Question. We pass the same NCLEX!!!

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