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Northern california hospitals to avoid - page 2

I just finished a travel assignment at Santa Rosa Memorial, Santa Rosa, CA telemetry and progressive care unit/icu. I'd advise anyone who is interested to stay away. The place has no organization,... Read More

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    Basically they get a call from staffing saying they are cancelled, they refuse to be cancelled and come to work anyways. They cannot take patients, however can do vitals, accuchecks, transport, etc. The hospital says the census is too low for another nurse, but union doesn't let them get cancelled. Not sure how it works here, but at my old hospital you would request to float based on needs or use your PTO and enjoy your day off. Trying to stay neutral with this post haha.
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    Thank you for the heads up
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    Hi, May I ask... Any recruiters out there still hire LPN as travel nurse? Or only RN? Do I have to have atleast a year experience b4 i can be a travel Nurse?
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    Yes. No. Yes.
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    I do not have any experience hands-on. Do u think it is better for me to go into LPN first? Or RN? Or do my preregs at cc then go straight into BSN?
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    This is the travel nurse forum. Perhaps a student nurse forum could better assist with educational decisions.
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    my friend worked ER at Memorial. Said she hated it and that travelers were not treated well
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    RNFiona, did your friend detail how travelers were not treated well? Was it scheduling or assignment load or something else? Thanks.