Looking for travel nurse buddy!!

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    [FONT=tahoma]After two years on a Med-Surg Telemetry floor, I'm taking the plunge into travel nursing! I am a 23 year old female living on the East coast and looking to do some traveling across the country. Just looking for other travelers to meet up with or possibly a roommate to split costs of living and not have to go it alone! I don't have kids or pets, I enjoy running, hiking, biking, basically anything outdoors and am looking for a little adventure! My first assignment starts next month in DC, but I want to make it to Cali, Hawaii, Boston, etc... PM me if you have similar interests!! =)
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    Oh, darn. You sounded like a match made in Heaven till you said you wanted to go to Boston (too cold) hehe. Hope to see ya in Hawaii and Cali
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    Hey I'm from the east coast too. I'm currently in the new England area on my first assignment. I am looking for someone who wants to split driving to Cali probably around February? I think I'm heading south for my next assignment. I can't pm yet. Are you able to pm me if interested?
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    Am a 6.5 year RN with a specialty in ICU and Telemetry. Have 2 year experience in travel and needing someone to room with to stack major dough. Preferably with someone who knows the Lord and has a strong biblically based faith;not discrimating;i'm just saying. Preferably someone who went to a HBCU as our culture would be similar. I am trying to save big money and would prefer someone who plans to do this travel thing for at least a year. Please fill free to contact me @ 5042348913.
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    Hey there! I tried sending a PM but it won't let me, I guess I'm too new! I think you're my twin haha. Just coming up on my 2 year mark as a tele nurse. I live in Florida but I'm wanting to head out to Cali this fall/winter! San Fran for sure. Waiting about 2 more weeks for my license, then I'm ready to go! San Fran is soooo expensive to live, and would be awesome to have a roomie! A girlfriend of mine may come with me, but she's not an RN... I'm 24, female, a triathlete, free diver, and love anything outdoors as well! I have a dog... a middle-aged lab who loves to go on runs but is otherwise lazy and quiet. I'm planning on going earlier than when your DC assignment would end.. but maybe stay in touch in case?? I'll try and figure out this messaging thing..
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    Hello everyone, I am also interested in travel buddies as well! Looking to go to Southern Cal late next month sometime, but also keeping my options open to other hot cities as well, Im 26, ICU nurse, love to travel, have a good time and would love to meet other travelers with the same interests, Oh and Im also planning on going to the travelers conference in October in Vegas!..Also feel free to PM me! :spin:
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    Do we have to buy tickets for the travel conference in vegas.
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    Where are you looking to travel to? I'm planning on taking my first assignment in CA.
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    Is anyone going to be in Oregon March-May? I've got my first assignment out there in Medford. I love being active & being outdoors. A little good food & wine never hurt either. Let me know!
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    I applied for my OR license tonight. I may come up there in March. PM me pls.

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