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Hey there all, I just wanted to post a general thread about the basics of travel nursing for all those people who want to consider it. I know I asked a lot of questions when I was considering traveling and I see that a lot of... Read More

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    Hi, you sound just like me except 4 years later haha. I'm 23, have been working as an RN for the past year on a heme/onc floor. I want to get another year of experience before I travel but I just wanted to see what you ended up doing?? I also will be traveling alone but I love meeting new people and seeing new places. If you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated!

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    Sounds like I'm the same boat as you are. I just turned 25 and work on med/onc. I'm planning on starting my travels the summer of 2010 or so, but am pretty open, just waiting for a good time to go. I'm excited! I'll also be traveling solo but it would be nice to have a travel buddy. Keep in touch and maybe I'll see ya on the road
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    Are you working right now? I'm currently working at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philly and I would love to continue working on a heme/onc floor but I was talking with recruiters and there aren't a lot of onc opportunities. I'm thinking of moving out to Cali instead of doing the whole travel thing now.
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    Ya, i'm still working now in Colorado, haven't started traveling yet though. My plan is to start traveling this summer. I'm so excited to go! So many options and places to see and do! Can't wait
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    This is a great forum! I've had good travel experiences and negative ones. My present concern involves angst over having to give up one of my pets to hit the road after signing a contract. I travel already with two lilttle dogs, but I accumulated another pet, and it has caused me some problems in transportation, because it has a cage. I am growing progressively more negative about traveling for me, personally....probably getting old and crotchety....but this is really bothering me. I was told that I would be blackballed within this entire state if I canceled this contract.

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