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Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of American Mobile. The rep. has been calling me. Can you tell me about their reputaion, pay, etc. Thanks :) Jaycrue :cool:... Read More

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    Quote from SierraC
    My husband who is an RT and I have been traveling with American Mobile for a few years now while i had a baby and finished my RN degree with EC. We traveled in CT for about a year and then came out to Southern Cali. We have had good experiences with them. They have always placed us in really nice housing. A few times his recruiter told him he would have to pay for part of the housing cost and he just said NO . So we have always lived in housing with everything but phone and cable paid. We live about 20 minutes from his job on the coast ...several of his coworkers are travelers too and they live right near the hospital and have their car broken into several times and generally don't live in the greatest area. With these travel companies , everything is negotiable...tell them you won't pay for housing and that you want to live in a nice community...tell them that you want a sign off bonus ...you won't believe what they will give you if you are aggressive. Good luck
    I agree! Ive been with American Mobile off and on for 3 years now and I have negotiated something extra on EVERY assignment without my hourly rate being lowered. Every contract I get rental car reimbursement, and have them pay for my washer/dryer and tv. One assignment I complained and even got a garage for my car's security after there were several break ins in the neighborhood.
    It is silly that you have to play hardball with them just to get decent treatment, but if you play the negotiation game with them I promise you'll come out ahead!

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    I have been working with AMN for the last 2 assignments and although I don't make as much money as I probably would with other companies, I have not had any bad things to say about them. They offer me private housing with each assignment, I have 2 cats and I have not had to pay anything with them and they also pay utilities. I don't know of any company that pays for phone services but I have a national cell phone service so that isn't a problem. While I will probably not use them next assignment, I had a really hard time getting my first assignment where/when I wanted to since I had no experience. Now that I have a couple of assignments behind me, I have all kinds of companies calling me. I have heard really good things from TNS but I am looking into them all and keeping track of who is still in contact with me now. Good luck and I hope you have a good assignment.
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    Does anyone know the penalty of breaking th contract?
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    RUN!!!! Made $7-$8 less than other travelersI I was working with in same unit...and I had over 30 yrs experience compared to 6-10 yrs for some with the other companies...plus better perks with others.
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    american mobile is cold and non caring company, they don't care about nurses, they offer the lowest rates. i had the worst experience with them.
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    okie, if i run away from the contract, do i need to pay for another things?>
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    Kennyzip can you tell me what travel agencies you use please. I am going to start traveling after the first of the year and I want to get things lined up as early as possible.
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    What company are you with?
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    I worked an extra shift last week. How interesting AMN didn't pay me for this. I truly believe they purposely "misplace" time cards, faxed in cancelation per facility forms, etc.. just to not pay their travelers in hopes that they won't notice.

    Tell me how a fax gets lost? When I have a copy of said fax saying it was sent. Please.

    Housed me in a bad neighborhood, the EXACT apt complex a previous traveler of my recruiter was housed in. Only she had to call the supervisor for weeks because she didn't feel safe living there. What do they do? They put me in an apt complex where she and previous travelers have felt UNSAFE in.

    AMN is a horrible company, dishonest, fraud, money hungry, TERRIBLE. I could go on.
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    I really looking for another company in California. ANM sucks!! They don't pay ! They don't care!

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