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Hi everyone. Has anyone heard of American Mobile. The rep. has been calling me. Can you tell me about their reputaion, pay, etc. Thanks :) Jaycrue :cool:... Read More

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    Just curious - why are the names of agencies (good agencies) only shared via PM? I thought that was the purpose of this site, to share information amongst ourselves.

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    We share names of the good ones on site, for the names of recruiters and telephone numbers we do it by pm, it is considered soliciting or advertising otherwise.
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    Quote from nyck76
    I travelled with AMN for 2 years and I regret it. I went with them when I first became a travel rn because they were in all the magazines and seemed to be the most popular. Every time I took an assignment, if I wanted to extend the pay got decreased by 0.50 - $1.00 per hour. I am sorry but you can't tell me the facility is doing that. Once I started talking to other travelers I realized I was getting a bad deal. Now I work for a company that has FREE private housing w/ linens, cable, phone, appliances, pots and pans, rental car, and airfare all included, plus $30 - 35 / hour every contract. Sorry, AMN can't even come close to that. Plus when I working for them I didn't even know they didn't provide long or short term disability. Now I make sure any company I goes with has that. AMN is too big of a company to be so cheap. They are getting 3x's what you are and still wanna pay crappy while nurses work like dogs. LOL. Like I said before, I really wish I would have know a traveler to ask questions to before I started.
    I have completed two contracts with AMS Healthcare Services and found my recruiter (CR) to be great in taking care of my needs. It seems he makes decisions himself without big company red tape. However, I am ready to go again and desire a company with matching 401 and great housing. In addition, I would like to stay with the same company long-term. Any recommendations? Thanks, Nan
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    Hi guys! Wow, I feel like I found this thread just in time, lol! I have an application to American mobile that I've been filling out over the past couple of days, but all these comments are giving me serious pause. I'm a newbie nurse too (I've been working telemetry in southern mass for about two years this fall). Can I get in on this PM action as to what the good companies are? Pretty please? I think I found the website for OA (but I'm not quite sure if it's the right one). Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
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    OA is excellent. You can pm me if you want.
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    [QUOTE=Hellllllo Nurse]I don't pay for private housing with my agency. In fact, I just took a virtual tour of the private apt I will be occupying for my next assignment- Master suite, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, washer/dryer, phone, cable TV, fireplace, utilities, linens/dishes, furniture, etc provided and paid for by my agency. The pay is great, and my recruiter is very nice, too.

    Do you mind sharing who your agency is??? Please??
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    Quote from nyck76
    I sent you the info via private Message
    Do you mind telling me too?
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    If there is anyone who can share with me the name of their recruiter at OA or maybe someone else AWESOME with another AWESOME company, with contracts in North Carolina, I would gladly use you as a referral... PM me please?!
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    what does OA stand for?
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    On Assignment, they are a travel company.

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