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Fastaff anyone?

  1. 0 I have been an RN for 10 yrs...primarily in Level III L&D and Peds.

    I am interested in a Travel Nursing assignment. Has anyone used Fastaff? How did you like it?

    Would you recommend another agency over Fastaff and why?

    Thanks for your input!

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    I have used Fastaff for many assignments and tend to favor them as my favorite (I'm signed up with at least a dozen companies). They tend to have the best pay in the industry and will really go out of their way to get you an assignment if you truly want one. They also try to keep you happy with the little extras like free scrubs, phonecards, etc. The bonus program the have is awsome as well as their 401k. Their benefits are comparable with other companies. Now for the will rarly know a month in advance where you are going. I tend to find 2-3 wks in advance is average. Housing tends to be in a corporate hotel and sometimes a roommate is required unless you "buy out" their share of the rent. They tend to be a no-BS type of company. If you are truly interested in an assignment, they will get you one. If you are unsure and drag your feet, they tend to put you "on the back burner" until you decide. Also their assignments are normally 12hr shifts for 4 days per week where other compaies are 3 days per week. Let me know if you want to know anything more specific.
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    I haven't personally traveled w/ Fastaff but I've know people that have & it's all about your recruiter (as w/any company). I've heard they have some pretty crappy recruiters. I didn't travel w/ them b/c I didn't want to work 48 hours a week. I'm also in L&D. I tend to get good assignments w/ Intelistaf. I love my recruiter & she takes good care of me.
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    Our hospital uses them and they are required to work 5 12 hour shifts a week. They actually have a pretty bad rep among our travellers.
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    Quote from fergus51
    Our hospital uses them and they are required to work 5 12 hour shifts a week. They actually have a pretty bad rep among our travellers.
    Ah - I know these guys well. I've seen their contracts... They say that they offer very high pay for travellers, until you see the fine print. I saw one contract for $38/hour - that's if you don't take any benefits - goes down to $33.50 if you do - plus housing clause is really shady. I haven't had a roomate since college folks - don't want one now... The bonuses are great - if you travel for the whole year. Contracts are limited as well (hospitals tend not to like to use Fastaff.) If I were you, if you have a location in mind, I'd use a local agency. They know where they are sending you - heck, the recruiter may be your patient some day at a local agency! They will most likely have the best and most plentiful contracts in the area you are looking for. When I decided it was California or bust, I chose a local agency and loved it - ended up going perm after 3 13 week assignments! I talked to Fastaff at the beginning and it was like Long Beach or Palm Springs. Palm Springs is like 120 degrees in the summertime and Long Beach can be hit or miss neighborhood-wise! Ugh!
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    Some of us do not work with them as they work with US Nursing and sometimes staff strikes.
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    I have done 4 assignments with Fastaff and will be doing another in a couple weeks. Nothing but great reviews for them as far as I'm concerned. Money is $36-40 per hour. Have NEVER shared housing, or been asked to do so. Have NO complaint with Fastaff whatsoever. Have never been associated with a labor dispute anywhere. Those that talk badly about Fastaff have usually never worked there.
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    Hi I'm new to this forum. I am taking my first travel job and have waited a long time to do it. Has anyone worked with Readylink?
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    Quote from pamelanevada
    Hi I'm new to this forum. I am taking my first travel job and have waited a long time to do it. Has anyone worked with Readylink?
    Yes I am with Readylink right now for about a year in Massachusetts. My recruiter is very good and no question about it but I have to pay for my housing and plus the benefits are not great. I take in $5100 per month net pay but as I said I have to pay for my own housing which really is not good.
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    I have an excellent response from On Assignment RN Temps and Summit Medical Center. I honestly and seeking my first assignment too. However you really need to know why you want to travel, what kinda benifits you need and what type of housing you require. Good Luck.
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    Can either of you please tell me which hospitals you've been to with Faststaff. Thank
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    I have worked for FASTAFF for over five years now and have always had good experiences with them. I too am an L&D nurse and I have seen many parts of the country traveling with FASTAFF. The money really is good, and I would recommend them over any other agency out there. They have 8 week assignments so you could try out a short one and see how you like it. If you decide they are the right fit for you extend or get a new assignment. They have a longevity bonus of up to $9400 if you work for them for a year.

    Let us know what you decide.