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  1. Hello,

    I am an ER nurse looking to head out on an adventure to Alaska in the coming months. Has anyone worked AK? I received a first draft of a pay package based on a small rural center that seems fairly reasonable to me, but I'm not overly familiar with the area.

    Job listings for full time employment advertise $32.57/hourly.

    Here is the first draft of a pay package I have been sent:

    Housing provided by the facility

    $500 travel reimbursement (this will certainly need to be negotiated - flights to AK are far more than this)

    $15.09/hr = ~$543.00/week (based on a 36 hr work week)
    $129/daily Stipend = $903/week

    Blended: ~$40/hr
    Estimated weekly after taxes: ~$1365

    OT rate: $46 for all hours over 36/week

    Thanks for your input!
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  3. by   Worldtravelgirl
    I haven't actually traveled yet, so I can't give any feedback, but I wanted to ask you about transportation. Are they going to give you money for a rental car? I am hoping to get a travel assignment in Alaska soon, and that was one of the concerns I had. One company I spoke to said they gave an extra $100/wk for a rental car. Just something for you to think about! Keep us updated!! Good luck!
  4. by   raedar63
    I too have wondered about car allowance with travel . Esp with Ak and Hi
  5. by   Truckee
    I have also been looking at Alaska, sorry there were no other posts here. How did things turn out? What city were you looking at and what company did you travel with?
  6. by   Lou4
    Hello Hello,

    I did end up taking a 13 week contract in Alaska. In fact, I am currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight. Headed to a small fly-in only community called Bethel. No real need for a car where I am headed - not even sure if there is a rental place. Something I've learned through this process is that nothing is free. Everything you add takes a little more out of your pocket as far as wage and whatnot. Seems like it's generally the same money, just depends how you would like it distributed.
    I didn't so much choose a company as a recruiter. I found one that answered my questions promptly, was forthcoming with information, and easy to keep in touch with. She happened to be Flexcare.

  7. by   Lou4
    Ps. I ended up taking a more financially lucrative contract then the one I originally posted.
  8. by   dreamworx07
    Quote from Lou4
    Ps. I ended up taking a more financially lucrative contract then the one I originally posted.
    I actually looked at this job but got cold feet ..... I heard how remote it is. I would love an update once you get there how you found it to be. Never know what the future will bring!!
  9. by   Truckee
    So ironic. I just got off the phone w flexcare. I was pleased, one thing she said right off the top was that they did not negotiate much on pay packages but that was the only thing that gave me any concern. Any tips on what to look for/ask for with them? What made you pick Bethel? I have been looking at Barrow.
  10. by   Eaglesview
    Hi I read your experience as a travel nurse in Alaska
    I hope to secure a contract for this summer 2014
    I am an I C U RN are u with a specific agency? Which one?
    Did they offer a rental car? Private housing?
    Which hospital did you work with? I am looking at an Anchorage location
    alaska Native, Providence or Alaska Regional
    any advice would be fantastic,
    please share your thoughts and ideas.
  11. by   halbisser3
    I also want to take a travel assignment in a smaller village, did your agency want resent hospital experience? I have been an LVN instructor for the last 4 years and fastaff wants references from a hospital no more than 2 years old.
  12. by   NedRN
    If you were a clinical instructor, get references from the facilities where you provided oversight and responsibility for your students. Fastaff is reasonable to ask for recent references, but the reality is you just need anything to make you qualified in their eyes. The interviewing hospital will recognize your value from your work history and interview.