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I accepted a position for 13 weeks. I have 4 to go. In the middle, I got sick and missed 5 shifts. These will have to be made up. I didn't get paid for those shifts of course, and that really hurt my finances! I need to make... Read More

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    Quote from renerian
    To be honest I had never talked about sick days on a contract either? Do other people? Sheesh.

    A traveler should always ask with happens if you are sick, or have an emergency. This should be a standard questions. Most contracts state how many hours you must work to fulfill the contract. Every contract I had ever done for every agency states this. But I have never heard of it being bought up BEFORE the traveler has even completed the contract.

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    Are we allowed to say what hospital? I will say it is in NC. They have a severe staffing shortage...I don't know if it is because they can't keep people there or if they are only allotted so many staff. I was told by the manager that they staff according to ACOG guidelines. I don't agree with that. I told her I was following AWHONN's guidelines. She told me I was putting the cart before the horse. I don't understand this...OB can be a very busy place. ER staffs whether slow or busy...why can't L&D?

    Unfortunately, before I left, I saw a letter the manager wrote to her staff. She was threatening them with signing up for on call or turning back into an open unit. She implied that all holes had to be filled "or else!" Her words. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to work 3 nights a week and then HAVE to take call for 3 more shifts that same week!

    What makes it worse there, 5 of the nurses are pregnant and all due at the same time!

    If it is okay, I will say what hospital it is, but until then just know it is in NC.

    Also, I offered to work extra shifts or take call and I was told she was not going to pay me overtime.
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    No surprise that they are short with that management.
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    Quote from webbiedebbie

    What makes it worse there, 5 of the nurses are pregnant and all due at the same time!
    Hope they aren't planning to deliver there!

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