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I'm thinking of pursuing travel nursing. Can anyone tell me from past experiences which agency has most benefits? :confused:(higher pay, private housing, best recruiters, locations) I'd really appreciate it.:redpinkhe I've been... Read More

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    I wouldn't take $20 an hour for ANY travel assignment.
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    20 dollars in california? Thats nuts. No way would i talk to any agency who was offering less then mid 30s, then negotiate your overtime pay. And housing is going to cost al least 2000 ( low end), so you have to factor that in as well.
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    Since this traveler is already making this pay, it is rather disrespectful to trash their decision. They were OK making that money when they first started. Without knowing all the facts, you might be dead wrong anyway. This is probably their first assignment, which is probably not a position you all have been in lately. Taking any assignment puts them on a better competitive footing for their next assignment - which is now. On top of that, this is a couple traveling. Thus the housing cost is halved and they may still be making decent take home. You need to also consider the difficulties of both being placed at the same hospital.

    Just saying horrible pay is not constructive.
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    Quote from akimoto
    My gf and I are working an assignment in Cali under Cross Country. We like the hospital and want to extend, but our contract sucks. We did not know you can negotiate and we get no other benefits for working overtime. Our contract basically is $20 1st 8 and $30 last 4, $1100 housing and $235/week M&I. What should we expect to take home for working the base 3 days a week in Cali? I'm just asking, so if we can renegotiate there is a number I should be shooting for.

    Also is it possible to sign a new contract with the same hospital, but with a different agency?
    If I were you I wouldn't extend bc the contract isn't worth it. You could be making so much more money then that! In CA I would expect $27-32 base rate, plus at least $2000-3000 stipend. If you like the hospital that much you could stay for maybe a couple more bucks an hour, but there's no way CC Is going to give you the kind of money you deserve now that they know you are willing to work dirt cheap. If money isn't the number one priority, maybe extend, but I would get some quotes from other agencies for your next assignment! That kind of pay is what I may expect in Ohio, but in CA, I would be very upset! There are agencies out there willing I pay better then that. Try some smaller ones maybe.
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    Thanks for all of your input. We took the assignment, bc we were having trouble getting jobs. A lot of hospitals were rejecting our applications because I did not have enough nursing experience (2 years) but my gf had 4 years experience. We are both ED nurses with experience in everything ED related besides TNCC.

    We have received other quotes from other agencies but they all seem to be around the same amounts. We know we are in a bad contract, which is why I came on here to get a general idea of what pay should be in Cali. We are planning on applying to a couple of other agencie, so far we are with Emerald, Fastaff, CC, RN Network, and TNAA.
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    That is enough agencies to get decent quotes, logistics on getting the right assignment for two of you is next. Get some quotes, see if CC budges, don't burn any bridges so you can consider extending. Extensions do look good on your work history. Make sure you get your own written references. Southern California does average about $5 an hour less than Northern California, so that may be where some of those negative comments are coming from. Florida has a similar sunshine tax. Consider doing an assignment outside Southern California.
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    There are hundreds of agencies out there. I would just would NOT recommend TaleMed. A company which no one is heard of, but was very highly rated by Highway hypodermics. That was why I applied with them. But I had to haggle with them to get my paychecks correct and my housing was awful and they did next to nothing to remedy it. Having a close relationship with a recruiter is important to me, but unfortunately I did not have that at all with TaleMed. I ended up working with Parallon since they have many facilities in Texas and I was happy with them.
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    Just finished talking to the recruiter and she didn't seem to want to budge off of the numbers. I quoted her on some other offers and what other travelers were getting at the same facility. She kept trying to tell me different agencies structure contracts differently. I asked her about extra shifts after working our contracted 3. She tried telling me, they could only pay us our base $20 and then $30 for extra shifts. She must think I'm an idiot, or her company's billing department are idiots. By her train of thought then, she is telling me that the hospital pays them less on the extra shifts worked. I think we are done with this company.

    Anyway I just want to clarify that the fair rate should be at least $30 base rate plus $2k-$3k for housing? Also is it just a matter of getting added benefits worked into a contract such as 401k, insurance, and meals and incidentals/per diem? Or is M&I's/per diem part of the $2k-$3k housing stipend?

    Thanks for any input and you guys helping out 2 new travelers.
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    I thought for years that not paying extra for the fourth shift was bogus, but it turns out there are situations where it is actually fair. Not that you would know unless the agency gave you a copy of their contract with the hospital though. Some hospitals pay a flat rate for the first 60 hours. Under such contracts, there is no way for an agency to do anything else but pay exactly that way for the first 5 days. Day 6 is all at overtime rate, and only then would the agency start having excess profits.

    If the hospital contract is structured this way, what I would aim for is a higher overtime after 12 rate, and a higher 6th shift rate than one based on $20 an hour. I'd like to see something more like $60 after 12, and $45 for day 6. Of course, that is probably moot unless you actually worked that much this assignment.

    So about all there is to negotiate is the travel pay I mentioned earlier (or take another assignment). Does CC still have an annual loyalty bonus? If so, I'd try to structure that into your pay structure now. I doubt they will do that, but no harm in asking.

    Negotiating is not really about threats, but your recruiter needs to understand that if they don't move at all, you will not be rewarding them by working with them consistently in the future. Each traveler is worth around $20,000 a year in gross profits to an agency, and this is currently a traveler's market in ER, not an agency's market. If they lose you, they lose potential profits.
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    I am seeing different numbers being posted for good pay in California. I plan on traveling there oon, probably in the next month or so, but I am new to the traveling game. I was told by some recruiters that your hourly base rate is low because they try to tax you lower, so it might seem like you are only paid $15 or so plus housing and food and that would equal what looks like you are getting paid $30 or so an hour. Does that sound right?