Anyone with experience in travel to only one specific area? Anyone with experience in travel to only one specific area? | allnurses

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Anyone with experience in travel to only one specific area?

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    I am relocating from California to Fort Worth, Texas in May. There are so many hospitals in the surrounding area, I am considering trying to use an agency for the first 6 months or so we are out there. Has anyone ever done "Travel" nursing but only to a specific area like that? I don't need health insurance, but the real draw is the housing stipend which would really help pay some of our apartment costs as we wait for our house to be built. I would appreciate any info on any experience you have had!

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    I haven't but a friend of mine did. She relocated home to plan her wedding, her and her fiance were planning on moving out of the country for his job right after getting married so she didn't want to start a new long term job. She did two travel assignments near her hometown for the 6 months she spent planning her wedding
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    The DFW area is basically staffed entirely by Texas Health. They contract out to a few agencies. They pay isn't that great to be honest. If you are looking for a high stipend pay package, I know FlexCare staffs TX and they usually pull the stipends right of the GSA website.
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    As you have relocated, any housing, per diem, or travel pay must be fully taxed as ordinary income.

    Being able to honestly say in a hospital interview that you are taking assignments with a view of going perm will move you up over other candidates. Be sure to carefully ask any prospective agency about "do not complete" clauses that may hinder getting a perm placement at the hospital you like.