Anyone traveling to NCH in Naples this winter? - page 2

I'm headed to NCH in Naples this winter and I'd love to know if anyone else is too. If you're returning there, I'd love to hear about your experiences too! Thanks!... Read More

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    I was there back in 2003, summer time. It was a great place to work. And a beautiful area to live. Have a blast!
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    I just got my florida license...thanks for posting this!
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    I applied and interviewed to work in NCH. I recieved an offer but did not feel I was a good fit for the unit I interviewed for. Hopefully I can get placed else where, I would love to head there for the winter.
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    Hi everyone,I have an interview this week to work in the SICU at Naples. I'm looking at the 3 or 4 month option. Does anyone know what rate that would be? Anyhow hope to see a few of you this winter!
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    It depends if you take the housing and or benefits. I took both housing and benefits and my hourly pay rate will be the same as I am making now at my "regular" job. Of course my "regular" job isn't providing housing. If you just take the straight pay, the hourly rate is in the $40s.
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    Hey!! So I came across NCH seasonal nursing jobs a few months ago and have been thinkin about it ever since but wasn't sure if this was a good opportunity. Plus I didn't want to get stuck down there for 6 months by myself with nothing to do!! How many of you are officially going? Also, I'm curious how this housing works since it sounds like I would be applying late? I thought they gave an $800 stipend, was I mistaken? Thanks for any input!!!
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    I am officially going. I will be working at the North Naples campus. Yes, they give you $800 housing stipend if you don't take their apartment, which I believe are all booked up by now.Go ahead and fill out the app online, and the recruiter will call you and answer your questions. It takes a while for the Florida license to go through, so you need to get started asap if you dont already have your license. I am excited about it. I think it will be fun. It seems like a nice hospital from everything I have read here and elsewhere. Even if you get bored, at least you can be bored in the warm sunshine. If you like, you can email me at hkgeldean at yahoo dot com and we can talk more. PM on here won't work for me.
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    I only doing three months starting n January. Didn't want to work Christmas or New Years
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    I know this thread is old, but my wife and I are moving to Naples in October...i am an adult icu nurse and she is a nicu/icu pediactrics nurse with a lot of experience. I was wondering about the pay, the housing or stipen, and the overall condition of the hospital? Did any of you have an option to renew your contracts at the end? any info would be great and if anyone did take the housing option what were the apartments like...i have a 4 month old son as well so kinda want to figure out the living conditions?

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    This isn't your question but be aware that everything you make, including housing, must be taxed. If you are going to take in-house travel, that is the way Naples will treat your income no matter your tax home. But if you take an agency job, you need to make sure that they tax your stipend or housing. You may be better off just taking staff positions.

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