Anyone heard of Aureus Medical group

  1. A friend of a friend told me about this small travel company named AUREUS MEDICAL GROUP has anyone else had any good or bad experiences with them??? Getting ready to start traveling in Aug. :wink2:
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  3. by   nightingale
    Deffinitely not good. Where are you wanting to travel to? A lot of companies, that are small, are regional.
  4. by   Jen911
    I'm on my fourth (soon to be fifth) assignment with Aureus and love this company, much better than the others I've worked for. I think everyone has a different experience with each company. I like the personal service and quick resolutions of any problem that might come up. If you call you usually get to talk with your recruiter on your first call, and if not, they'll call you back almost immediately. If there's a city you want to go to and they don't have any openings posted, they'll "market" you to the local hospitals to find a contract for you..and they don't push you to go somewhere you don't want to go... what else do you want to know?

  5. by   bmwright021
    I am on my second contract with Aureus and I would recomend them to anyone looking at traveling. They go out of their way to make you happy and keep things in order. I have never had any serious problems with them and the little ones I did were resolved quickly. One example is that our Toaster would not work and they told us to go ahead and buy one and they would reimburse us and we could keep the toaster (basically a free toaster). As for the person who said they are only regional, maybe you should research a little bit before posting about something you dont really know about. Dont want to be mean, but you are posting incorrect information. Aureus is located in Omaha, Nebraska and I am traveling in Washington looking at California next time and my Mom traveled in Maryland. They may have a reputation for calling nurses to get them to switch over to Aureus, but that has nothing to do with somebody that actually works for them. As for the downside, they typically dont give out a bonus (at least where I am traveling at), but the pay is very good and I dont have to worry about any bills out here as they pay for anything and everything I want. That is basically the only thing I dont love about them (no bonus). I have seen a lot of travelers upset with their companies and from all Aureus traveleres I have talked to they have no complaints and love the company.
  6. by   nightingale
    I agree, it is important for us to get what is top pay and benefits. We are all in a learning curve of sorts; some of us are fortunate to have a lot of experience. It is unfortunate we have had to learn things the hard way.

    On this Bulletin Board we are nice; if you need assistance with that issue feel free to PM me. On this Bulletin Board / Forum, I am insistant that issues are issues, we can all agree or disagree but no issue is to be given or taken personally, please.
  7. by   trvlnRN
    I have never worked for that company...but I am now skeptical because I just worked with another traveler who worked for them and was very unhappy (she actually switched to the company I work for). I think it was because she was sent to a horror of an assignment prior to the one she was at with me that was dangerous for her patients and her license. (Actually a situation that I would have walked out on because I'm not about to work where a patient could die or loose my license and wind up in court for a job). She said that her rep didn't support her and encouraged her to continue on and complete the assignment (which she did....and after hearing her story I was quiet I thought it was against her better judgement to continue on in that particular situation).
    I've worked for several different travel companies....and you really only get to know how much they are willing to watch your back when you get into a situation like that. I had one situation (not as bad as hers) that I actually backed out of an assignment after my first day there and the company I was working for at that time backed me up as I would expect a company to do for its nurse. I will stay on an assignment I don't like...but I won't stay on an assignment that is unsafe....nor...would I expect a company that I was employeed with to encourage me to do so. But as I say...this is only second hand news...I haven't worked with them. It could have been only a problem with a particular recruiter. But this does present you with some good qualifying/interview questions to ask a company that you are thinking of working for.
  8. by   tpepp
    Can't speak much about Aureus other than I have heard of them. However I work for a very small company, RTG Medical and couldn't be happier. I have worked 3 assignments for them and getting ready to work on my 4th. Not only do I have a great recruiter but if she is having trouble finding me a position where I want to go she involves all the other recruiters in the company until I am finally placed. I have nothing to say, but great things. Sometimes a smaller company gives you that personal attention that is often needed.
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  9. by   oldiegoldie
    All of the information about travel nursing that I have seen on the web is from 2006. Is that because travel nurses have been utilized less due to the economy?

    American Mobile insulted me by insinuating that I was greedy to want top pay. Fastaff wouldn't even let me talk to a recruiter until I sent in every single bit of paperwork they required and they wanted the ORIGINAL I-9, not a copy. I don't think they have many jobs and this was a way to buy time.

    The only two agencies (of about 8) that seemed interested in working with me were Access and Aureus. Aureus doesn't pay well, but I need a job so will take this one while I search my options. I have been working in the same place for 20 years and want to see what else is out there.

    Feedback anybody? I'd appreciate any and all.
  10. by   neurorn6
    I have heard of Aureus, they do have posting nationally. I have never worked from them. I have talked with AMN, they have a impressive list of postings but the payrate is poor. There is nothing wrong with wanting a decent payrate or decent insurance. We do have to be more flexible right now due to the crunch with postings. I am on my second contract in SC, I had wanted to change but it didn't work out. My first contract end right at the first of the year. We just need to be supportive of each other right now and try to give good information that can keep travel nursing moving forward.