What DFW hospital system generally pays the most?

  1. 0 just curious, there's many: HCA, THR, Baylor, Methodist, etc
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    They all pay between $22.50 and $25 hourly to new grads with no prior experience. Baylor generally pays the least, whereas Parkland and Cooks Children's have been offering a little more than $25 per hour.

    $23 is the average for new grads in the major hospital systems around the D/FW area. The new grad wages have remained somewhat flat since 2007/2008.
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    Just remember, no employer will pay more than they have to. If a hospital is paying a lot more than the competition.... it's because that is the only way they can get anyone through the door - LOL. Be sure to analyze the benefit package also - these can vary widely, particularly in the cost of health insurance and the amount of tuition reimbursement offered.

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