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West Coast University in Dallas,Texas

  1. 1 Hi everyone,
    I was just accepted into BSN program at West Coast University in Dallas TX for fall 2012. Has anyone graduated from this school? If so, was your experience positive or negative? Are the teachers great? What do you guys think about this school? It's extremely expensive!!!! Please help
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    West Coast University is a private for-profit chain of schools based in California. They have just opened a campus in Dallas, so you are not going to receive any feedback from anyone who has previously attended the Dallas campus.

    You may want to ask around on the California forums to learn about the experiences of students who attend West Coast.
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    As stated in the previous post, WCU has not really had a chance to graduate many people yet to respond. I personally would not attend based on the cost and newness of the program, but that is a personal choice. I would do a local ADN or BSN program instead and save some money.
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    You would be apart of the first class to graduate right? Is it true the cost of the program is like 125k? That means double by the time you pay off the student loans. I saw the price tag and almost passed out. I received 2 masters and 1 bachelor's for less than that. :-) Please be sure to report back with your experience, I'm sure people are just dying to hear what the program is like. What were the prereqs to get in? How big will your class be?
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    I have just accepted a full time position as faculty at WCU in Dallas. I have been a nurse for 20 years and have also been a hospital based critical care nurse educator. I chose to work at WCU because I was very impressed with the program, the academic staff and also their committment to their students. Best wishes to you and I'll see you in class!
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    Hi Ssession79,Have you start the WCU classes?if so, are you taking the pre requirements at WCU or community college? How your schedule look, if you don't mind to share, how many classes are you taking and how many days are you going to school? Thank you
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    Hey, I am considering going to WCU in Dallas. Have you already visited the campus, talked with administration? If you don't mind, could you please share your experience with the university so far, thank you
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    Yes, I went to a tour at the campus and I was amazed with them. State of art classrooms and simulator center, the advisors are very friendly and answered all my question. I am waiting on UTA response for spring2013 and WCU is my back up plan. I already submitted transcripts and they already sent me a letter of acceptance. I will wait until end of October to hear from UTA, them I will make my decision I already finished all the pre requirements at the community college and the nursing part dwill take me two years to finish
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    Thank you, I do too have all my lower division classes done, and WCU is my back up as well, lol. Did all of yours transferred? I have been reading a lot of blogs, and there are a lot of bad comments from current students and graduates. So I am not sure if it is worth it. What made you consider WCU?
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    I also have read the bad comments about WCU from California. However, the reason why I am considering this school is the fact that there is no waiting list and I can have my bachelors in 2 years. The school is nationally approved and is Texas Board of nurse approved. I read the Texas Bon report for approval of the program and The report for passing rate for nclex Bsn program is high. (not ADN program on Ca). I sent my transcripts this Monday and they will let me know about the classes transferred next week.
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    My goal is to start nursing school by spring 2013 What school did you apply as first option?
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    Quote from anaw
    My goal is to start nursing school by spring 2013 What school did you apply as first option?
    I have applied to a few community colleges, and will be applying to TWU and UTA for Fall 2013, I'm just worried, because even though I have 3.93 GPA, I do not have any preferences, so. And last semester there were 802 applicants and only 98 spots for Dallas campus, so, that being said, lol, I am considering WCU for the same reasons you are. I am worried about all of the bad comments about the FA and admin. another thing, I do not know how I feel about taking the HESI or TIA at the end of every 8 weeks to exit the classes. That is crazy.
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    I think we will get used to taking the Hesi; think of the positive side: it will prepare us for the nclex exam anyways