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Hey All!! I decided to make a thread for spring 2012. I was jumping aroung to the fall 2011 applicants and fall 2012 applicants. So I made one for the coming up app period to avoid alot of double posting. I have heard from... Read More

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    Thank Jen. You did really well too. No doubt about it, that test is hard. I know both Manow and I are applying and other schools. I am applying at TCC and that is my first pick because of distance. So if I get in that will be one person out of your way. Manow did really well on his exam so I am sure will get in to his other program too. I did see the stack of applications. I wonder if they will tell us how many applied? She had to dig all the way to the bottom to find mine. I was worried they at lost it with how much digging she was doing. But good luck to all of us!!!!!!! Crossing fingers, crossing toes. Also, still hoping more people will find out thread soon. I saw another girl turing in her application and almost wanted to wait for her to let her know about that, but assumed that would be creepy and left. lol

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    I know. There were two people walking in when I was walking out and I wanted to ask them to join this site. lol. Did you guys take the Hesi a2? How was that? Are you and Manow applying to UTA also? Or just TCC? I am going to meet with an advisor at UTA next week.
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    I know Manow is applying at TCC and somewhere else but it wasn't UTA. No, I haven't taken the HESI yet. Just another thing for me to stress about. So, you aren't applying at TCC? App period opens up next week.
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    Let me know how the whole UTA thing goes. I didn't apply because I'm not sure I can afford and I think they give you bonus points for taking classes with them. I do have an overall GPA of 4.0 with 58 credit hours down. I do plan on doing ADN - BSN after I get my ADN
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    I haven't taken Chem yet. They won't let you apply until it is completely done. I will let you know what UTA says. The only thing there is the cost. Scary.
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    I'm applying to TCC and TWU also. UTA has a 3 attempt rule that I violated thanks to my early 20's. They automatically throw out your app if you have attempted a class more than twice. Hopefully someone will let me in!!
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    It is those kinds of rules and policies that are keeping out some really great students. I don't know about you guys, but I am an older student. I am sure of myself, am dedicated, and take my studies very seriously (now, not when I was 19). I wish schools would go back to the interviewing stage. I know some really great ladies that cannot apply to UTA because of the three attempt rule. It is assinine and stupid. I don't know if my GPA is high enough for TWU. I made b's in my A&P classes. Manow, did you take the Hesi? How was it compared to the TEAS
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    I agree that rule is complete bollocks! The secretary told me I could petition it with the dean of nursing while scoffing! Like it had never been granted before. I got so depressed I just ruled UTA out and I love 8 min from the campus!! BOO. I have not taken the HESI but I've heard that it is less challenging than the TEAS. Who knows. The advisor at TWU said "well if nursing doesn't work out you can always be an english professor" LOL. Cuz I got a 100% on the english section of the TEAS. Hows crazy is that?

    Anyways, I got my study guide today in the mail and I am going to start looking at that as soon as my summer classes are over.

    And about the grades, my total GPA isn't that great either. Should have a 3.4 or 5 after summer classes are done. I have B's too. Only a 3.25 science gpa at that. Made the mistake of taking micro and a&p2 in the same semester. I think everything counts. My test scores offset my GPA a bit, so at least I have that going for me.
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    Just 9 more weeks!!!
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    It is almost like waiting for the birth of a baby!
    Has anyone heard anything about the nursing BSN program and the Seventh Day Adventist University in Keene? It is a small private university and that isn't the actual name but if you google that it will take you there.

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