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Hey All!! I decided to make a thread for spring 2012. I was jumping aroung to the fall 2011 applicants and fall 2012 applicants. So I made one for the coming up app period to avoid alot of double... Read More

  1. by   jennrog33
    It is those kinds of rules and policies that are keeping out some really great students. I don't know about you guys, but I am an older student. I am sure of myself, am dedicated, and take my studies very seriously (now, not when I was 19). I wish schools would go back to the interviewing stage. I know some really great ladies that cannot apply to UTA because of the three attempt rule. It is assinine and stupid. I don't know if my GPA is high enough for TWU. I made b's in my A&P classes. Manow, did you take the Hesi? How was it compared to the TEAS
  2. by   manowhopefulrnsoon
    I agree that rule is complete bollocks! The secretary told me I could petition it with the dean of nursing while scoffing! Like it had never been granted before. I got so depressed I just ruled UTA out and I love 8 min from the campus!! BOO. I have not taken the HESI but I've heard that it is less challenging than the TEAS. Who knows. The advisor at TWU said "well if nursing doesn't work out you can always be an english professor" LOL. Cuz I got a 100% on the english section of the TEAS. Hows crazy is that?

    Anyways, I got my study guide today in the mail and I am going to start looking at that as soon as my summer classes are over.

    And about the grades, my total GPA isn't that great either. Should have a 3.4 or 5 after summer classes are done. I have B's too. Only a 3.25 science gpa at that. Made the mistake of taking micro and a&p2 in the same semester. I think everything counts. My test scores offset my GPA a bit, so at least I have that going for me.
  3. by   Student213
    Just 9 more weeks!!!
  4. by   jennrog33
    It is almost like waiting for the birth of a baby!
    Has anyone heard anything about the nursing BSN program and the Seventh Day Adventist University in Keene? It is a small private university and that isn't the actual name but if you google that it will take you there.
  5. by   simcr
    Hello, i have been around but am new to your thread! I have been on vacation for the last 25 days so i turned in my application to WC early, I only have 16 points so I am not hopeful for spring, but i will have time to study and retake the TEAS again for fall. When i dropped off my app, I was told they didn't even have enought to fill the class yet, but with the update above, that is no longer a
    Nice to meet everyone
  6. by   Student213
    Welcome back!! Hope you had fun. A vacation sounds so nice. Still hoping more people find their way here.
  7. by   simcr
    I am sure they will, usually happens as they begin getting nervous over acceptance letters coming out. I guess we have a long time to wait. I think I am going to take a few classes in the Fall just to keep me going so I am not sitting around the house.
  8. by   manowhopefulrnsoon
    Welcome carrie! How was vaca?? The waiting has begun....
  9. by   jennrog33
    I am taking classes that a 4-year university would need for a BSN. I am going to apply to a couple of programs in the Spring if I don't get into WC (while still applying to WC again). I am just going to kill it with apps and positive thinking!
    Also, welcome and I hope you had an awesome vacation! I also wouldn't rule out any scores. I have read and read and I really think that most people did about average on the Teas V. I think the scores will be a little lower than before. Last spring application period they were still accepting other versions. I think the only version we could test for in the past several months was V. That should make it a little more even. At least that is what I am telling myself! lol
  10. by   simcr
    Vacation was awesome. We traveled to Glacier National Park in Wyoming then hit Jackson Hole for some white water on the snake, Yellostone and Grand Tetons. Hardest part is coming back home. My husband is hopeful that i will get into the nursing program spring or fall, so we did a big vacation since I won't be able to for awhile.
    Thanks for the intros! I am also taking a class or two toward my BA, maybe at Tarleton, not sure yet. I already have a degree in accounting so there isn't much for me to take, there would only be a semester difference between a 2yr or 4yr for me, but I don't want to pay the higher college prices right now so I really want to WC, besides I live in Weatherford so it is close by.
  11. by   manowhopefulrnsoon
    Wow that sounds so amazing!!! I've never been out of texas so hopefully I will be able to have a nice vaca after my first years as an RN!
  12. by   carlyhudson
    Carrie - I only had 16 points as well. Karen Long told me that my app looked good compared to many others she had seen. I am very discouraged reading this thread with everyone saying that it won't be enough. I mean I knew that it might not be, but she had kinda gotten my hopes up.
  13. by   Student213
    Welcome Carly. It is nice to see someone new on here. Second, don't get down. Stay positive. I think there is no way to tell this semester. That test was hard and I think it surpised a lot of people. There is hope for everyone!!! When did you turn in your application and talk to Karen? I wonder if they would tell us how many people applied this time around? Good luck to all of us!!