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Just out of boredom, anyone else apply for weatherford this fall? I'm considering the Wise county campus since I live very near to it. Stats: Bachelors of applied sciences 3.3 overall GPA 3.7 in pre reqs 83.3%... Read More

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    Congrats to those who are accepted!!

    FYI: If anyone gets on the alternate list, do not give up!! You still need to go to orientation, if you don't you cannot get in. There were a few people who didn't show up to mine and several who got accepted elsewhere and gave up their spots. I think there were 4-5 people who found out they were getting in during orientation.

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    I was accepted for Fall 2013 and I am super excited. Not really sure what to expect but very excited. I scored decently on the TEAS and made all A's in my pre and co requisites. I live in North Richland Hills, so it will be quite the haul but well worth it in the end. I hope to go to UTA for my BSN afterwards.
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    I also got in and I'll be living in Boyd
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    how far is boyd from weatherford? will you be going to the main campus or wise county?
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    Quote from suprababy
    how far is boyd from weatherford? will you be going to the main campus or wise county?
    I'll be going wise county. It's about 15miles
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    Oh that's not bad, without traffic I'm looking at a 1 hour commute without traffic
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    To the main campus that is
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    Congrats on getting accepted into the program!!
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    Yes! Congrats to everyone who got in! Anyone currently going through the program that can give us newbies and points/tips/advice?
    What to expect at orientation and things of the like? I would LOVE to know!
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