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Just out of boredom, anyone else apply for weatherford this fall? I'm considering the Wise county campus since I live very near to it. Stats: Bachelors of applied sciences 3.3 overall GPA ... Read More

  1. by   suprababy
    how far is boyd from weatherford? will you be going to the main campus or wise county?
  2. by   drewmckee
    Quote from suprababy
    how far is boyd from weatherford? will you be going to the main campus or wise county?
    I'll be going wise county. It's about 15miles
  3. by   suprababy
    Oh that's not bad, without traffic I'm looking at a 1 hour commute without traffic
  4. by   suprababy
    To the main campus that is
  5. by   formack
    Congrats on getting accepted into the program!!
  6. by   suprababy
    Yes! Congrats to everyone who got in! Anyone currently going through the program that can give us newbies and points/tips/advice?
    What to expect at orientation and things of the like? I would LOVE to know!
  7. by   suprababy
  8. by   britthohenbrink
    Got the call from (***name redacted for privacy per site ToS. Do not post names of school personnel***) today.... I am no longer an alternate!!!!

    Is the graduating class going to be at orientation to answer questions? I have tons!!!
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  9. by   formack
    Hey everyone! I just graduated from WC ADN program last week. Yes, they usually have current/past students attend the orientation to answer questions. But, I am open to answer anything you might want to know. So, lay it on me!
  10. by   britthohenbrink
    ok... I am still in shock and awe that I made it in so let me gather myself so that I can think of some of my questions....

    Here are a few..
    1. How did you study?
    2.Would you say it is HARD or TIME CONSUMING?
    3. What's the most difficult part of the program?
    4. Do you have any general tips that helped you out?

    Thanks in advance
  11. by   formack
    Sorry, I wrote a whole long reply and it got deleted. So, lets try this again.

    Print the power-points the instructors provide before class, take notes on them, highlight the things they emphasize. Read the chapters in the book and/or study guide if that class has one. It is a learning curve, learning how to answer "nursing" questions. You have to think differently. I then would use my notes and info from book and study list(some instructors provide a test blueprint/study list"guide") to make my own study guide and note cards. The hardest part for me was balancing all of the things you have to do. I am super organized and I am a good time manager. I do not care who you are. There will never be enough time! You will always want/need more time to study, do a paper, do paperwork for clinicals, practice for a skills checkoff, etc. Get a big calendar or white board for home that you can do 30-60 days on. Write down everything!!! every quiz, assignment due, test, clinical, class. It WILL help you stay sane. I also input tests etc into my I-phone calendar and I have a organizer/calendar. I "color-coded"/highlighted each class. Most instructors will give you all of your due dates the first week of class. Put this all down and get organized first thing! Pharmacology was tough because you have to learn so many drugs/drug classes and how they work in the body in such a small amount of time. I even had a pharmacy background. 4th semester med-surg was also tough.

    FYI: In the 1st and 3rd semester there will be a math exam. You get 2 attempts for each one, you must make a 90 or higher. If you fail the second time, you are dismissed from the program. This happened to several of the 3rd semester students this year. It is all about drug calculations, drip rates for IV's, etc. There is a book "Calculating with confidence" is all about Med/nursing math. Get it now and study this summer. That way you won't be panicking when you go the first day and they say, oh BTW the math test is in a few weeks. Also, FOLLOW WC's rounding rules to a T!!! If you do not round correctly, it is wrong. That is where a lot of people mess up. They do provide these for every test, including the tests in each class. Usually there is a few math on most tests.

    I am more than willing to answer any Q's ya'll have or help out if you need it. I know from experience how stressful it can be.
  12. by   britthohenbrink
    Thanks for the advice.
  13. by   emass
    Hi there,

    I am currently on the alternate list and hoping to get off the wait list and into a spot.
    Has anyone here also been accepted anywhere else? Just curious. The waiting and wondering is killing me!