Weatherford ADN Spring 2014

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    Hi! Anyone applying to Weatherford College Nursing program this Spring??

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    I am applying this week for spring a little worried about points though
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    Hi tmmycarson! Glad to hear from someone else who is applying at WC. What are your stats??

    I sent out my application packet today. I have a 3.5 GPA and ended up with 20 points. The TEAS test was harder than I expected, definitely harder than the HESI!
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    Hi my teas was tough too my GPA is 3.25 and I have 23 points idk if it'll be enough
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    I went to see Karen Long today but she was in a meeting, I will be going to apply tomorrow
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    Your stats sound good!
    Let me know what you find out!!
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    Hi! I got all my applications in today and took my TEAS. Didn't do as well as I would have liked, it is just a waiting game to see if I get in or not. Good luck to all and maybe we will be classmates
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    welcome! What were your stats? I'm not sure how many applied or what the acceptable points are, so its a waiting game for us now! From what I've read on these message boards, WC sends out their letters pretty quick.
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    I am applying for the spring 2014 nursing program and currently have 21 points without my TEAS.......which I am taking in ten hours actually so hopefully I can end up somewhere around 30 points "fingers crossed" And question.....does anybody know where I turn my packet into exactly because I have never been to this campus?
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    I have a total of 28 points after taking my TEAS. I could try and retake it next week before the 31st, but not sure I could bring the score up. I am really hoping to start in January, but if I don't get in I will just reapply for next fall. I am hoping to take Microbiology this fall at another school. I can get an additional point for doing that as long as I send proof to KL before the 31st. Once Micro is complete I can apply at several other schools as well. One way or the other I will be in nursing school eventually. Never give up~!
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