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Wayland Baptist vs UTHSCSA vs UIW

  1. 0 I am currently a student getting my pre-reqs and am going to get a bachelors in nursing. I cannot figure out which school is the best out of Wayland Baptist, UTHSCSA and UIW.

    I know that Incarnate Word is very expensive and I have heard that UTHSCSA is very hard to get into (I heard you need a 3.5 or better), but does anyone know more about these schools? I haven't really heard anything about Wayland Baptist.

    I looked at previous threads for answers, but there weren't really any recent ones and was wondering if someone could help me a bit and tell me the differences in the schools.

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    Well I can't speak for the other schools but i just graduated from UTHSCSA. I also got accepted into school with i think either a 3.2 or 3.3 so you definitely dont need a 3.5!

    The program is 4 semesters and is great (I think UIW is like 5 semesters). You start off in a class of about 100ish people and you get to know them pretty well as the semesters go by. I think each school has it's ups and downs so you just gotta go with it....
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    Okay thank you so much!
    Did you really like the school?
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    In what sense?
    Like i always had time to relax/have fun if thats what you mean...
    The work itself imo wasnt that hard... but dont follow me im pretty much like a book i just get things...
    I know atleast at this school they really try to help you pass and all the teachers will work with you if you need it...
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    The nursing program at Wayland Baptist University is fairly new. This nursing school also has its ups and downs! I was the fourth class to graduate from the nursing program!
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    Any updates? Did you finish? I have the same question about comparrisons.