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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    Did you interview?

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    still nothing for me either!
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    Quote from resilient
    still nothing for me either!
    Ok good!! Lol that means there is still hope for both of us! Are you going to call them?
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    I had an interview Monday & still nothing yet but keeping my fingers crossed for everyone & congrats to the ones that got accepted!
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    I am going to call them tomorrow just to give them to the end of the week. I'm trying to be optimistic and assume that they would inform us before the weekend. No one has heard anything for a couple of days so maybe no news is good news!
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    Yea, I noticed some people were getting in like tuesday (guess from the meeting on monday) but no one that has interviewed this week has heard anything so maybe we didn't make the meeting this week? But I was giving them until like this time or so tomorrow. If they only meet at beginning of the week then maybe next tuesday?! I am thinking no news is ok as of right now for us.
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    Quote from bethwood2009
    Did you interview?
    nope no interview.
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    Okay guys! I'm completely new to this website, but I've been viewing these pages for what seems like forever. I got my acceptance letter on the first of September. I hear there's a fb group; would anybody mind sending me a link. I'm interested in getting a feel of what my classmates will be like thanks in advance! And congrats to the others who've been accepted.
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    Anybody heard anything today?
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    Nothing today yet has anybody called? I might call later just to see when we'll hear something.

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