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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    Did you use the NURSINGCAS transcript request form? I used it for one of my schools and the other I just had them send it electronically. Its funny because NURSINGCAS said they could process them faster with their form but the transcript that i sent electronically got processed already and I'm still waiting for the second one to be processed

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    Yea they would already have it if it wasn't for that darn form. That is the reason why it is taking so long!! Did you get an email letting you know they received your transcript?

    I have another question... the UTMB website says : "Applicants will be required to pay an application fee to NursingCAS and UTMB. " Does this mean there is a separate application for UTMB that I am not aware of?
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    From what I understand once you submit the Nursingcas application utmb will send you a supplemental one
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    Good, that's what I thought.
    How long did it take for them to receive your transcript? Can you submit the application without the transcript?
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    yes,you can submit ur application without transcript. but nursingcas will not process it until they get ur transcript. they will not call all email you if they get your transcript, you have to call them to confirm if they got ur transcript.
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    It took like four days for them to get my transcript without their form and I'm still waiting on the other one to get processed!!
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    what are yalls gpas and teas score?!?! i feel like mine might be too low.. and im worried if my personal statement will be good enough. ughh im trying to not freak out, but i just want to be accepted into nursing school already!
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    I feel the same way! My GPA is a 2.98 and I got a 84 on my teas! What about you?
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    I finally submitted my NURSINGCAS application!!! Good luck to everyone!
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    How long did it take for NursingCAS to calculate your GPA after they received your transcripts?

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